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20 Minute Fitness

I am a certified Personal Trainer teacher with many years of teaching experience.
I believe that cultivating a fitness practice is the best way to live well. My practice is relaxation, bodyweight and free-weight exercise and learning to feel your body. I’m fascinated by how we learn to practice, what keeps us from practicing, what nourishes our practice, and how we can keep it fresh and alive.

You’ve just arrived at the Twenty minutes build a fitness practice – IT’S TIME TO BUILD YOUR TREASURE HOUSE

Why is twenty minutes enough?

Do you think twenty minutes is a ridiculously small amount of time?

We all have twenty minutes to spend, sometime in the day and the way you spend your twenty minutes won’t make a difference in the way your day unfolds but its achievable.

But twenty minutes a day, every day, devoted to a fitness practice, is long enough to change your life. I found this out more than 20 years ago, when I first wanted to make fitness part of my life.

In time, my fitness practice has grown. I’m now a certified Personal Trainer teacher and I love my practice for everything it adds to my vitality and life.

But without that first step – taking a small amount of time to do exercise – I wouldn’t be practicing and teaching today.

What is My Twenty-Minute Practice?

If you want the strength, flexibility, balance and inner peace that fitness brings, but you haven’t been able to start or stick with a fitness practice my twenty minute plans can become your best friend.

Pick a practice.

Find a place in your day to plug it in.


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