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Soulful Survival Listing

The beauty of the list is to tease out the most delicious muses of our tick tock.

Delve a little deeper into your soul and seek out a pinterest search of ‘list’ and get your inspiration mojo flow on!

Here are our top ten survival lists recommendations that we live, love and breathe self love life into our soul journals.

  1. Reading List
  2. 30 day HITT challenge List
  3. 2 things to do every weekend
  4. Adventures – the blessed bucket list
  5. Fun things to do alone
  6. Things to do together that use 2 feet
  7. Random Acts of Kindness
  8. Boredom List
  9. 5 minute self gratitude list
  10. 100 ‘what is’ Gratitude – This is forever evolving – The Holly grail of lists, if not your ever evolving soul sister bible!

Tie up the laces, take a hearty heated walk to the shop, buy yourself that beautiful soul journal and get hell busy with the scribble.


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