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The Power of Repetition and challenge in exercise

A recent paper published in ‘Obesity’ has found that a specific region of the frontal cortex of our brains lights up when we’re able to RESIST high calorie foods.

The region, which is responsible for our ‘executive function’, can be improved by engaging in activities such as aerobic exercise and repeated practice..

The study, conducted by neuropsychologists at Brigham Young University, put 3 groups of hungry teenagers (1) overweight, 2) formerly overweight having sustained weight loss for at least a year, and 3) normal weight) into an MRI brain scanner and showed them pics of both healthy and unhealthy food whilst monitoring their brain response.

The researchers said that in order to improve executive function and therefore lose weight, “Successful programs involve repeated practice and ramping up the challenges to executive control, kind of like successful exercise programs.”

A clear reason why exercise is so good for us both mentally and physically!

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Reference Material: Ord Academy

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