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This forms as part of our pregnancy series on pre and post natal activity where you will find a zest of the most common questions we entail – lets call it our mini Q & A journal for all you awesome to be or early mommas out there. Check out our series HERE xx

Its fair to say this has to be factored in and discussed, when not to exercise. Good communication with all your care team pre and post natal is crucial to successful outcomes. As a mom you need to be assured by great healthcare professions from any agency that gleen a great dialogue with you from careful screenings that show care and interest in you.

If this is something you are lacking and are seeking advise of, we see it fit of something we should discuss in topic with responsibility. To arm all mothers with the balance of information to make informed decisions for themselves and not to scare.

The American college of obstetricians and gynaecologists published a list of exercise contradictions for pregnant women of when they should not partake in exercise of which we detail below:

Pre eclamsia – Hyptertensive, fluid retention, urine protein present

Persistant Bleeding beyond 12 Weeks – Placenta Praevia (placenta attached to the lower uterus)

Premature Labour

Premature Cervix

Multiple births

A history of 3 or more miscarriages


{Where recommendation is to UNDERTAKE NO EXERCISE AT ALL – AS FOLLOW}

Haemodynamic significant heart disease

Restrictive lung disease

Incompetent cervix

Multiple gestation

Persistant 2nd/3rd Trimester bleeding

Placenta Praevia after 26 week gestation

Premature Labour History

Ruptured membranes

Pregnancy induced hypertension (pre-eclamsia)


{Where exercise can be undertaken but with increased care and concern with the help of a qualified agencies}

Anemia (Severe) – Low red blood cell that cant transplant oxygen – can cause dizziness

Unevaluated maternal cardiac arrhythmia

Chronic Bronchitis

Poorly controlled Type 1 Diabetes

Extreme Morbid Obesity

Extreme underweight BMI<12

Historically extremely sedentary

Poorly controlled Hypertension/Pre Eclampsia

Orthopaedic limitations

Poorly controlled seizure disorder

Poorly controlled thyroid disease

Heavy Smoker

Intrauterine growth restriction

Breech Presentation (After 28 weeks)

Rapid Labours

Bleed (Early) – Ectopic/Implantation/Miscarriage

This guidance has no intent to scare, but what we struggle with here is at how hard it is to find this valuable and incredibly important information all in one responsible space and to the framework exercise PROFESSIONALS visibly work to – it is our code of ethic.

Exercise is blooming awesome in pregnancy and it should not be seen to put you off, check out all our other posts that breathe life and zeal to get your mojo on.

This is why it is really important that within your care plan you factor in a professional to oversee whether your outlook and expectations of activity are healthy and sustainable for both you and your little being.

Remember – constantly review, constantly adjust with your pregnancy and always seek help and learning.

After 20 weeks pre – eclamsia can present, persistent hypertension 140>190 and with elevated urine is an indicator. It is always best to risk asses consistent and revisit the information above.

Pre-term contractions – Braxton Hicks – Strenuous exercise may increase the levels of oxytocin that stimulate uterine contractions and therefore ultimately lead to a higher rate of contractions. Exercise programmes should be adjusted to include non weight bearing exercise such as swimming and cycling with no jogging or speed walking.

About the Author:

IMG_1743Georgina is fitness coach, a mother to twins and another. Has seen all its ups and downs and foibles and gets the whole momma thing. If its something you crave a mentor for or just a chat then check us out here, we love our women, friendship and positivity with it.

Georgina is trained and qualified to direct pre and post natal exercise.

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