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List Lovin

Whilst on our eternal quest of the list love we found this little nutmeg appearing on http://createasfolk.com. This lady has the most prettiest and inspiring instagram too, go get inspired.

The Only List You Need to Make Today by LAURA SIMMS on 10.02.14

If you’re looking for a career to call home, making a Hell No List is a great place to start. Heck, it’s good for everyone. I just updated mine last week. (No more complicated tech stuff for me. Hell no!)

Want a starting point for finding your new career? Start here.

What It Is

Just like is sounds, this is a list of things that hell no you will never do for money again. The things on your list can be whatever you want it to be. This is for anything you are determined to be done with.

It could be:

Hell no I’m not going to work somewhere I have to wear pantyhose!
Hell no I’m not going to work for less than $30/hr!
Hell no I’m not going to have a supervisor breathing down my neck anymore!

Why You Should Make a Hell No List

A lot of people who want to find a new career don’t even try because they’re so conditioned to think that how things are now are how they have to be. They literally can’t imagine an alternative where they like their work and wake up excited for what they’re going to do. They just have brain lock around it.

If you start with Hell No, you can flip it and kind of trick your brain to come up with a Hell Yes list. This can sometimes be just the opposite of the stuff on your Hell No list, but sometimes other things can come into the mix, too.

That’s why we’re doing this.

One reason is to definitely set some boundaries around things you’re just not gonna do anymore because you no business doin’ that stuff. But you can also flip it so you can go in the backdoor of what a career you love might look like for you.

I Challenge You To Write Your Hell No List!

Do it right here in the comments. Type some things out quickly, or if you’d like to explore this more deeply and get to your Hell Yeses, download the free worksheet and dive in. The most important thing is to start!

What’s on your Hell No List?

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