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Watering the well of the broken hearted

Being a heart centred wellbeing coach I am always on the look out for showing up for self and passing on this nurture to our female tribe. This space fills as an area for all, glimpses of self care that water a soul just when it calls.

What follows is a band aid for the broken hearted.

Lovables list

Write a list of all the things that are awesome about you. At the top of the page write my wish for you and my  Lovables”. Number 1-20 and get busy and pretty with it. Read your Lovables daily. Especially when doubting or feeling sorry for yourself.

Reasons why list

Write a list of all the reasons why your previous relationship did not work. Read daily and refer to that list before texting the ex. Don’t get energy sucked into this old world, forgive yourself and forgive this beautiful past that now allows you to grow.

Water the tired heart 

Get a yourself a blanket

Do not underestimate the power of this one. I bought myself an awesome chunky knit patchwork number, wrapping myself in a blanket always has a self nurturing calm.

Turn your bedroom into a sacred place

Go to sleep with the warm light of candles, fairy lights and essential oils on your pillow. Relish in your self nurture haven and feel fine with calling in on the feminine.

Buy yourself flowers

Roses, soft colours and awesome scents. There is something healing in flowers, I surround my work space and bedroom in them in times of low self care. It is a hearty self ritual I adhere to.

The power of a passion project

Endings are invitations for a new beginning. If you have something you’ve always wanted to do, create or share, now’s the time to do it. The best creations were born out of a seeming loss. This website is one of them and the friendships I have found from it.

Rose quartz

Anything rose in this bubble seems to give sanctuary. Rose oil and rose quartz in combination. There is something special, on your desk at work, on your person in your moisturiser. Add a little spark to your heart & soul and go investigate this some more.

We have to experience pain to grow, self care, self nurture, self love, allow it space to flow.

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