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Random Acts of Kindness

Whilst on the trail for the elixir and sole manifesto of A fat lot of girls I dwelled upon kindness some more. What is kindness to me? It’s not a prompt or a nudge its an inept instinct I consistently retrain from within, its my way of giving my grace to others, putting aside right for kind.

How often do we put right before kind? How often do we carry out small graceful acts of kindness? There are some beautiful souls out there who make this their soul manifesto in life, sharing graceful blogs on how they spread their wings to spread out this message.

Random acts of kindness manifesto HERE demonstrate clearly just how much this can be stretched out, how many of these resonate with you right now? It really is not hard, it can be as simple as baking a cake with another, listening, giving empathy and being there to hold a hand. By pooling to souls such as ‘make me joyful’ HERE who’s manifesto is strikingly breathtaking, these are souls that we are blessed for and as individuals we should indeed pull to for living breathing pioneers of the kindness revolution.

For me its a good old fashioned simple hi, penned in ink or a voice on the phone. In the age of digital media how many of us will regret how much time we gave to our blue screens when we reach our winter chapter. Kindness to others and treating ourselves with equal measure is paramount to reclaiming the self.

I am blessed for the last month, I have had flowers at my door and a beautiful reminder of my youth returned from a dear soul who has remembered cultivating this act of beauty. So this is my manifesto of thanks for this grace and for a reminder of the impact this act of random kindness played on me those days. Its my turn to dial in and punch some right back.

Make a blessing to yourself right now, go spread some kindness revolution whether it be to self or another on the close of this post right now.

Rich Love, Georgina xx

Thank you dear Penelope you beautiful soul x

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