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Energy Flows where your intention goes

Waking up everyday feeling thrilled to do your thing? Psyched out about all because you let passion and purpose become your life’s work or interest? Here it is believed that we ALL have the power to experience and entitlement to this joy in our lives – Gabby Bernstein

Today we blog out a punch and reminder for mojo driven seekers – thanks to Gabby Bernsteins pioneer lead and word found in our inbox it is a vibrant reminder how important taking ownership for passion is and how it beautifully delivers.

Life is about identifying your passion, those effortless actions you love so much that are in fact your craft if not your life blood. This passion creates much benefit and joy in life and to focus and home  into your ‘craft’ will give you a sacred space to find inspiration and self reward within . Nurture your craft to perfection, circulate it in your life and make it the whole essence of

Yesterdays blog placed importance to the ‘meaning’ behind finding our sometimes waining mojo or giving it that rung up the ladder. We, awesome beings, need purpose to identify. To give us identity and recognition with our pure passions. With it bringing blessings of the effortless actions and happiness we do when making this come alive.

Its down to  ‘energy flows where your intention goes’. Tap into that passion and burst it full flow on the universe with inspiration and self possession.

Time to chase, time to identify, time to nourish.

Georgina x

For dear Louise x

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