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International Womens Day 2015

I sat on the fence with this one today then felt spurred to spread my love having read a statement punched out on a social feed.

In a society where equality still is considered more controversial than misogyny, exclaiming ‘Happy ‪#‎IWD15‬’ doesn’t quite feel like the appropriate approach anymore.

I found this statement rather upsetting having spent an entire day in a female workshop with women enjoying the experience of connecting. We all discussed just how powerful it felt to be sharing and investigating what the meaning of being women was to us. Stripping it right back to the inner goddess mode. Equality doesn’t have to stop women sharing this sacred place from investigating with other women about what it means to us to be a woman. What we love about ourselves as women and too what is it that we reject from ourselves as a woman. Drawing to role models and what they represent and how they influence us too. If it takes a womens day manifesto to move us to do this then it has worked for seven awesome women on this universe.

I takes a mother a partner a busy spiritually deprived woman to understand how we can be stripped bare of the bones of understanding just how important reflecting upon the image of the fusion of female and masculinity and what they mean to us. This is an important practice and one I believe can only be done in union with other women.

It doesn’t mean I hail a pink bus campaign for burning bras to champion this campaign, it means I resolutely believe as women we need one another. I am in agreeance that we have choice and freedom not to be  in servitude to the role society expects of a female today but what this manifesto embodies is that we should not stop connecting, learning, sharing and taking owernship of our feelings around what it means to be a woman with others in the same skin.

By sharing, by having a safe place, by finding deep friendship it makes us better women and it is something this awesome campaign is championing with its manifesto making it happen and igniting small fires around the globe. Hell yes it did happen today for me, I met six of the most interesting and beautiful souls that I would have never know had it not of been for this campaign. I have grewn as a woman, I have taken onboard new adventures and I have learnt so much more about how women have very deep rooted seas of awareness of situation.

Rejoice for international womens day I say and for my inbox having six great new names to connect with

Blessed x

Whenever you stumble and fall,
when you are challenged by limitations in yourself or others,
remember that there are women everywhere
who share your commitment to know– and embody–
the magnificence of spirit.
For real.

Yes, it takes conscious practice to reclaim
such a trust in other women.
The path of sisterhood is full of ruthless mirrors.
Ultimately, it is a path that penetrates
into the essential nature of who you are, who we all are.

The relationship you have to other women
is a direct reflection of your relationship
to the feminine in yourself and in all of life.
When you bring conscious practice to one aspect,
it heals the other,
and the walls of separation evaporate like a mirage.

~ Chameli Devi

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