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Lifestyle trait swaps that kick in the mojo

Whilst on the continous elixir of chasing kindness chatter for our women,  I dwelled upon an article found in mind body green centring around the traits of unhappiness. Its not a word I like to dwell upon, the world alone puts you into a negative state. So lets spin this article around and discuss the said few items that can kick some butt to finding inner mojo and self kindness.


We could chew this one for length here at a fat lot of good, to share and learn from others is the positive kick that gets our mojo flow. Whether it be share a conversation with the guy at the petrol station or share in the company of women, it is the essence of feeling connected. Connecting with any social group face to face and away from blue screens is a vital component to our manifesto here. Women get a deep sense of connection with other women, we get the ebs and flows of each other and too we understand how special soulful elements can decay within  without this connection.

Bereavement and Grief for self

Often seen with our women is a bereavement for an old body frame, pre family or even the loss of a relationship. This trait can desperately reduce the mojo, bring in fear of FALSE EXPECTATION APPEARING REAL. This is where we pull and loop back into the importance of the above, people are the essence of life. Chatting it out, finding bonds with others who open up to how they feel  the same, sets your balance and clarity to the feelings and emotions of a changing and evolving woman and you. Many of our women have been through menopause, birth experiences, life experience that have changed them and brought them into new positive spaces of strength. Its a vital tool to reining in control over bereavement of the old self, find others that are living it doing it and can talk it, they are your pioneers and peacemakers to bereavement of the old self.


Its a killer for the mind, it feels terrific to stay up late when you get that space on your own late at night, but hell yes does it come back to bite you some few weeks later or if not months. The colour of our eyes, the palour of our skin and the clarity of our mind is jaded. We slope into anger and negativity with it and loose the peace being a slow downward spiral that quite often you can not notice. So if its mojo you need, kick some action on a strict regime, go as crazy far as setting an alarm clock to go to bed. Then start winding it down to making your mornings 15 minutes earlier. Both these simple tasks can be an elixir to an incredible mojo source.


Again another of our kindness lifeblood manifestos. We all need soul, we all need purpose and we all need to connect with ourselves. Journalling is our life blood here, it rests our souls, it investigates our inside. For others it may be through imagery for others it may be through listing. The world goal is one I don’t favour, but nourishment and warmth to listening to yourself through such creativity is where meaning and mojo is driven and built and where you find meaning for self.


Again this is fear, we are the keeper of our inner voice. What we put energy to we will receive, if we give in to critique, fear, blue memories this will take us so far away from mojo bliss. If it all goes terribly wrong with me here when I feel inner critique fire in, I repeat over and over again my name. I know this is true, it rewires me, re roots me and dissolves the jelly and narcisism of self damaging critique.


Yeah, say no more. We all know this one well, but the trick of mojo exercise is to find ‘what suits you’ in your skin. You have to understand your skin, your self critique, your bereavements, your meaning and remove isolation before this starts to give grace and enjoyment. This is something here I am beyond passionate about, women need a holistic approach to exercise, we are seas of thinkers and need nourishment in all our elements to be successful and continue our motivation for exercise. We all need meaning, purpose and understanding of why we are following an exercise journey, so many women when opening it out have different reasons that blend into why it is their chase, its an important one that must be nurtured before hacking right down dirty into.

OUTDOORSee adventure

Yes yes yes, back to core root beauty of fresh air deep in the lungs. Too many days issolated in doors, blue screens,  stale air, TV chewing gum, children, partners, chores. A breezy outdoor two feed adventure can kick a whole load of mojo back into the soul, simple as, go kick some.


Yeah another, too much in media, to much of a jumble. We feel inadequate we don’t know what we are doing, we feel pressured from this to that. So quite often we go with ‘ah heck I just give up’. No rocket science needed, no potions, no formulas. Simple tidy neat fresh, clean, me sized portions as damn much as you possibly can allow yourself and as regularly as possible.  Rinsed down with a whole heck of the beauty of water. What is crazy important is that YOU buy into it not ‘someone or something’ telling you to ‘buy into’ an awesome new fast fix fad or craze. It is at your control your rules and at your discretion – but yeah its a mojo boost when you get it balanced just right, but it takes time, it takes patience and it takes self compassion, not every day can be a winner and thats where kindness comes into play yet again.


We ALL have our stresses, emotions, families, commitments and a heck of a lot of regrets and ties. But again this is where self kindness practice comes in, having meaning, purpose, direction and investigation of what mojo means to you from within is a mojo fountain.


I have read tirelessly about finding meaning and purpose in life, its balance and as said rome wasn’t built in a day. If work is a happy aggressor in your life, is correct and sits well with you and feeds many of the elements above then go full out to fulfil some more for yourself as it feeds that meaning side and enjoy the ride.  However if its a mojo killer then kick in the list above, act on one with kindness and find meaning in your current chapter of life. You can get up an hour earlier, you can go to bed earlier, you can find moments of peace in the day, how are you filling them right now? Reflect upon it – moments of peace can be mojo finders.


The worst influencer on mojo on women, its fact, we cant deny it but too we cant blame it. But with it be proud of your feminine. Investigate the why, where and whats through knowledge, you can pick up some terrific advisories that can impact incredibly when found to fresh outcomes. Remember to embrace who you are, don’t give into negativity and kick some mojo into investigating why you love being a woman, what it is as a role to be a women, who do you respect as a woman and to what you reject as a woman. For me this is has recently been a powerful move to reflect how great it is to be a woman in her skin and to not blame hormones for a lot of our adaptations. It is part of our journey and life book.

So that is it, lets call it a proverb buster of mojo finding, this is how to create it. Tick ALL the boxes and you are there its as simple as. Find control, find boundaries, find meaning, find like minded company, find soulful purpose but most of all find that element of kindness for your beautiful self.

It simply is self kindness.

Georgina x

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