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Raise up with kindness

Being mothers day this Sunday here in the UK, it always bothers me that we need a day to celebrate and release our kindness. Why is this not something we can do everyday, to ourselves, to our family to our nearest and dearest?

Go buy yourself a pack of 6 postcards and celebrate and send them out to just say thanks, a small action means a heck of lot to its recipient. Or just that one special message that tells someone why you respect them or hold gratitude for their companionship, wow what a surprise in their inbox!

A random act of kindness can change someones entire day IF NOT JUST YOUR OWN.

We here continually celebrate and encourage random acts of kindness all year round, it makes us get all super excited about it and its something we try to continue living everyday with just a little encouragement to remind us.  It’s hard, sometimes we just wake up grumpy. But even one small simple act of a kindness a day can change someone’s entire week! And yeah you’ll feel pretty damn good swell about it as well.

So, after a couple hours of brainstorming and small epiphanies, we decided it would be most beneficial to keep punching this out, giving you lovely souls reminders. This is not just about mothers day, this is forever, to you to everyone, just remember the kindness. Raise up – don’t cut down. The sign of true success is someone who enjoys raising those around them up. Sisters, let’s all rise together instead of competing – Pair up enjoy life and kick some ass to the mojo junkie.

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