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A mini survival guide to looking after your awesome self

Always walking with an open heart I strongly remind myself wherever I am I must just be all there and present in today. Consistently taking a mindful minute to checking in my own self nurture and practice.

Whilst on this path today I felt blessed from a signpost of prompts found in a leaflet. I have at this moment all the blessings of ingredients in balance, perhaps and indicator of why I feel contented in my now skin.

So fasten your seatbelt and remember to check your interpretation of the following points that keep a track on your health, broken down into key areas of focus.

Created by one soul for other like minded souls, who love their health, heart and nourishing the awesome unique person that is you.


be kindMy biggest manifesto in life, Kindness. Be kind to yourself. This means not putting yourself down or blaming yourself when things go wrong. It also means noticing and rewarding yourself when you have done well.

Accept who you are and focus on your strengths. WE all have weaknesses and everyone gets it wrong some of the time, which is part of being human. We have never met the perfect person.

Things do happen in life which are unplanned or out of your control. It can help to view them as opportunities to learn instead of getting down on yourself.

When things don’t go as planned it can be hard at first, but dealing with disappointment can make you a stronger person.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATake time out to relax, it can help you destress and gives your mind and body a chance to recover from pressures. When things are tough or getting on top of you its particularly important to take time out. Trying not exhaust yourself. How you relax is really individual so think about what it means to YOU. Not what it means to a self help book, a blog or a journal. Its a craft to find and work for your passion that will shine like a beacon over time. Reading, being outside, slumping on the sofa, big deep breathing, a warm bath, cooking or a unique hobby that touches that special bliss spot in you. Just remember we all are different, and yours is unique and yours to be special with. Make sure that your place of relaxation is a haven, has the soul that meets the one you seek.


coachsquadThe whole heartbeat of this site, doing a regular and enjoyable activity, including exercise, can boost self esteem and relieve stress and tension. It also increases concentration, channels your emotions, helps you to express yourself and can even help improve your sleep.

Exercise releases chemicals in the body called endorphins. Endorphins can control your feelings of stress and frustration and produce feelings of wellbeing.

The word ‘exercise’ means incredibly different things to different people. Some enjoy a breezy walk, others kicking a ball at a net, dancing, walking into town or swimming. Find something you like to do and just go full out hell to do it.

Even if you are not in the mood to go out, housework is actually a form of light exercise, and it also gets things done!

Many activities can be found in the community. Right here we try to make our instruction and groups affordable, sustainable and fully supported.


adventuresSurround yourself with people who you feel comfortable with and who make you feel good about yourself. The type of people around you can have a big impact on the way you feel about yourself and your life.

Opening up about your feelings to someone else can help you get through difficult times. You may get a new angle on things or some practical advice. Keeping problems to yourself can be really stressful which can give you physical problems.

It can help you feel better if you talk to someone. Its not a sign of weakness. You could talk to a friend family member or someone at work or someone who you just a heck of a lot trust.

Its normal for relationships to change and even finish sometimes. This can be hard to deal with so its important to communicate your feelings to others who will be supportive.


Sleep is more important than most of us realise. Watching TV or using a computer late at night is well documented and researched that it stimulates the brain and encourages it to be active. It can stop you being able to sleep.

If you are having trouble sleeping, sorting a routine when you go to sleep helps your body to adjust to the idea.

Try experiment with a warm bath, a hot caffeine free drink or reading a book to help your body and mind unwind beforehand. Lavender scented oil on pillow is an absolute winner for us here.


eggiefoodOften when people talk about food and health they concentrate on things such as the 5 a day which is important but focusses mainly on your physical health. What you eat sold really affects how you feel.

To keep well you need to eat well and regularly. Poor diet and skipping meals can make you feel tired which can make simple tasks a bit of a struggle.

Regular meals ensure a steady supply of blood sugar which helps to balance out your mood. Complex carbohydrates like brown bread and rice give you a steady supply of energy. Where as quick fix foods you end up with the inevitable crash.

Ordinary things such as tea, coffee and sugars are all stimulants which can also affect your stress levels if you go overboard on them.

Be aware of how much alcohol you drink. If its a lot think about cutting it down to stay within the recommended units.

Getting sorted

IMG_4065Budgeting with your money can help you feel more in control and lessens pressure about finance.s

Plan your budget, draw out the money you need for the week on Monday and stick to it, or make a list of regular outgoing stop you can check you have enough coming in.

Organise yourself and your time by making a sit or using a diary. Writing things down can mean one less thing to carry in your head.

When organising yourself its just as important to plan for time out. Keep blank spaces in your week to chill and bliss out and have freetime. Give yourself a break from the day to day stuff.


love soulLove with all your heart, all your soul and all your vitality.

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