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Signs that you understand passion

Here I often reflect and procrastinate for hours on kindness, calm, peace, tranquility and equal share. this has spread out to my career and my lifes direction. I no longer find myself hell bent on stress, regret, anger or fear. I feel comfortable with my goals, seeing them as passions that i have created that I wish to pursue. self creativity and nurture for me is my career. so waking up to find this great few prompts today in my inbox reminded me that work doesnt have to be thought of as career, work to me is myself. To constantly stay intune with me and those I love. Work to me is health, wellbeing and fitness. Balance of all three and having an open mind constantly mind to share, to own and to learn ~ blissed out on life now and list lovin.

“Being in your Element is not only a question of natural aptitude. Being in your element needs something more – passion. People who are in their Element take a deep delight and pleasure in what they do.”

– Sir Ken Robinson

What is it that drives me to leap out of bed in the morning?

What is it that I am doing when I lose all concept of time?

What part of my work doesn’t feel like work?

If you are one of those lucky ones who have worked for and found your passion, you will find yourself nodding through the below.  Embrace it, own it and go for it. If you haven’t yet, why not take some time to search inside yourself and your lifes’ creations, I am sure it’s there right infront of your face. If you have children or work with them, listen to them and support them in crafting, nurturing  and following their passions, it is the lifeblood of contentment.

20 Signs You’ve Found Your Passion
March 16, 2015 Source

It’s often not until someone prompts us to think about the work that we do that we recognise how we truly feel about it. Sometimes, all it takes is the right question to make us look at our job in a whole new light. Today, I ask you this: How would you feel if you were to stay in your line of work forever?

If, upon reading that last sentence, you were filled with warm fuzzy feelings – congratulations, you might just have found your passion. Here are 20 signs that let you know that you’ve found the passion that makes your heart sing!

You consistently wake up before your alarm clock, excited to start work.

The idea of building your career fills you with anticipation, not dread.

You’re a little freaked out by the magnitude of everything that you have to do – not because you don’t want to do it, but because you want so badly to succeed.

You “productively procrastinate” – Whenever you get bogged down in one task, you take a break and distract yourself with something that benefits your passion, too.

You get a little twinkle in your eye and a grin on your face whenever you’re asked what you do.

You’d rather stay up working than watching TV.

You sometimes dedicate your weekends to work, and don’t even mind doing so.

You’ve got an insatiable appetite for books, blog articles and anything else that you can get your hands on related to your field.

When you think of a life without your passion, you feel empty.

You make room in your life for your passion, scheduling personal appointments and everything else around building your dream.

You find it difficult to relate to people who have no desire to pursue their own dreams.

You’ve found yourself cutting out negative thinkers from your life. You won’t let small minds talk you out of big ideas!

You’d rather have a “dream lunch date” with your business idols than your favourite celebrities.

You wake up thinking about it. You go to sleep thinking about it. Actually, there aren’t many moments where you’re not thinking about it.

Your head is constantly spinning with ideas. You have brainwaves in the car, in the shower and any other inconvenient locations.

You hear others complaining about their jobs and careers and, although you feel sad for them, you’re thrilled that you can’t relate.

You’re constantly thinking of ways to improve your business and make it even better. You know you dream big, but you also work hard and back yourself with the confidence to try and make it happen.

You start realizing that friends, family and even total strangers start coming to you for advice related to your field or entrepreneurialism.

Following your passion has taught you that you need to be working with something that you can throw your all into – whether its this passion or another one. You are no longer willing to settle for just a job that pays the bills but crushes your soul.

You found yourself nodding throughout this list, reaffirming that you’ve found your place. And knowing that you’re bold enough to pursue your passion? Well, gives you a completely indescribable feeling in the most wonderful way.
Could you relate to any of these? Leave a comment and share your story – have you ever had a light bulb moment where you knew you were in the right line of work?

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