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How I coach

What does a physical trainer mean to you? A coach or an instructor? 

voiceHaving read a terrific article today I gave some deep reflection to what my training service means to me. A coach is a well honed practicing soul, ever evolving and developing passion for their adventure. Having brimming purity of zeal to share, spreading their gems to in an ever organic growth platform. An individual whom is continually striving to enhance, grew and acknowledge the gifts they can give to others. Blending their learning, interests and humility to their learners environments. One which is forever evolving, ever adapting, ever enhancing and nurtured with copious self love.

Coaching for me is a continuum of learning, from others, from resources, from environments and from myself. It is sharing, it is taking ownership for what is your lifes greatest zeal. It is living in the now scene, not the past, not the future but the beauty of the self, to share, and gift out.

happyMy passion in exercise and wellbeing has been homed over years of personal experience. I wouldn’t choose or accredit any one exam, therapy, qualification or script thats been toiled for as the epiphany. The studying of many books and exams there is no end, with devotion to them being wearisome. However my own life skills have enhanced and evolved my interests and ability of understanding. This alone drives my passion, my life, my paths and my experiences and my practice to share with so many great women today.

I have had injury, I have had surgery, I have had children, I have had lifes adhoc demands tenfold. I have experienced independence, constraint and have had heartbreak and yes the list goes on. Yet with each it has grewn me to be more and more balanced, tamed, appreciative and understanding of all those great women I have the pleasure of mentoring and indeed whom have mentored me with humility on this great path. Every one is unique, every one has beauty, a unique special story, it is something I value and take to full heart.

I do not believe in instruction, I believe in creating a nurturing bond, undertstanding those I work with being key. Self exploratory direction, thought and self nurture practice to allow many to grew wings. It is supportive, it is showing interest and it is showing compassion and pure understanding.

Defn COACH ~

: a person who teaches and trains an athlete or performer

: a person who teaches and trains the members of a sports team and makes decisions about how the team plays during games

: a private teacher who gives someone lessons in a particular subject


: a person who teaches a subject or skill : someone who instructs people

: a teacher in a college or university who is not a professor

I work with my women to stoke and stimulate a fiery development of own clear and confident life path goals, to create and maintain a firm foundation of key points to bridge the more specifics they are looking to from exercise and activity.

Once found women radiate with will power, self achievement, energy and intuition. This alone comes from involvement, talking, understanding and a bonded coaching practice far away from the stale autonomy of instruction.