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Psyched about Spring, Kindness and Mojo

Today we awake to a new journey, the one of the green fertile, its spring! Let this be the fertile beginnings for all your aspirations. 

You have energy to allow your mind to wander where you wish. Banishing negativity, changing your life with simple practices that give honoured  commitment to you. Gaining and maintaining control of your thoughts and habits, becoming the master and keeper of you.

There many be new relationships, life changes, exploration of new adventures, new love for oneself and not necessarily another. Let spring be the fountain of your fertility, creativity and strength.  By planning those new adventures, stepping out in faith for dreams that make you yearn for the unknown and finding new unchartered paths for your life.

Give yourself a personal spring mantra, like a magnet to rehome to. Pulling back power, silencing the noise of winter, hearing your own heart and creating words that web creatively into your life.

‘I love you forever’

‘May we always be connected in our traveling journeys’

‘Dream big in the moonlight’


‘Allow the unfolding’




‘Take Flight into a life filled with peace, grace, joy and light’

‘My Spirit is as brave as the brightest star at night’

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