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Living in a way that fosters soulfulness

Being on a continuum to personally reflect upon my moral behaviour I have delved back into the back bone theories that foster soulfuless to the self alone.

IMG_8844Niyama is one of the holy limbs of moral behaviour to oneself in yoga, a code for living a way that fosters the soulfulness of the individual through choices made. Whilst I am no self proclaimed bearer of light yogi it is with warmth I receive and blend this guideline and self reflective practice with heart into my own and family of little peoples’ lives and mantras. Being  the bones of good health and substanance for self survival at most in times of bewilderment and trial; gifting the wings we often crave.

Listed as five processes of unbinding ideas to becoming sincere in a wish to grew and foster great soulfulness in a living moral code for checking in on your self practice.

  • Śauca: purity, clearness of mind, speech and body

  • Santoṣa: contentment, acceptance of others and of one’s circumstances as they are, optimism for self

  • Tapas: persistent meditation, perseverance, austerity

  • Svādhyāya: study of self, self-reflection, introspection of self’s thoughts, speeches and actions

  • Īśvarapraṇidhāna: contemplation of the Supreme being (God/Supreme Being, Brahman, True Self, Unchanging Reality)

Whilst you can suppress yourself for some time, you can’t do so for a lifetime. At some point, your life will yearn for more meaning. Connecting to your centre soulfulness  is where your true power and purpose lie. It doesn’t have to mean deep spirituality to all, it is a deep enlightenment to nurture, connection and value oneself. A value with respect, morality and setting a code with it that I call self kindness.

If you are living a soul-centered life, you’re living from a place of kindness, purpose and wisdom. You’ll notice that what you seek and desire begin to manifest more quickly as you are tuned into yourself in a code of respect and value for reining in you and your kindness to self with it.

How often do you contemplate your soul and make kindness time for your soul? Working to processes that are unbinding but with reflection. Truthfulness, not hiding behind ego.

Drawing to an awesome paragraph taken from vishnuvirtues. com

Seek to free yourself of ego and attachment

Observe yourself and seek more awareness of ego in your life. See the ego when it tries to grab power, feel superior or push others down. Be observant of it when it is selfish, angry, spoiled or unreasonable. Feel the pangs of the ego when circumstances or people offend or irritate it.

See how attached you are to your current circumstances, the people in your life and your material possessions. Can you walk away from it all today and still be content? Practice the art of letting go every day in your life. Let go of thoughts, feelings and emotions that you want to cling to.

HAPPYIs this not a great example of a sustained practice of great soulfulness, living in the now, free of ego, seeking places and virtues that nurture a healthy soul to a brimming full? Sharpen your being and align yourself to a great behaviour that nurtures an incheck contented and centred you through choices made.

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