Give to Others

Every day is the first day of our lives

You did it!

It might have gone really well. Or, you might be shaking your head thinking, “Wow I messed that up” or “I could have handled that better” but guess what? You did it!

I bumbled across a statement that rather moved and empowered me to write a small rant to the effect of moving yourself to try that first step. Whether it be in conversation, action or thought. The point here is that ‘YOU’ did it, you didn’t reject it.

Was it listening to instinct, was it feeling empowered, was it trying something new? Doing this small act of ‘IT’ is great, it is self rewarding, self empowering, it is fulfilling and it is fuelled by you.

Take the first step into a room of people you don’t know, self doubting your ability, comparing yourself on the start of your journey to those who are in the middle. You still did it, you removed yourself to do it.

So congratulate yourself, high five the self and go find another ‘I did it’ – this is the bare bones of  hearty empowerment and securing a warm heated smile.

“Every day is the first day of our lives; we can do and be what we want, not what has happened to us.” – Aryn Quinn.