Give to Others

Banging the Kindness Drum

When you live and apply the principles of self love nurture in kindness and understanding of yourself you will experience and realise a more peaceful, abundant and joyful you.

My tiny space on this beautiful earth is to create and teach a wave of collective kind thoughts, intentions and actions practices that resonate and embrace with you exactly as you are today. Forget slender, buxom and beautiful, we need to do self kind first. Working through great practices and promises that you can easily commit to you.

I believe in the power of women coming together and creating special things. Self care practices to nurture, reconnect and gaining an understanding  of what it is you need.

Women can find themselves day to day wearing many hats and forget to wear one just of their own. For all to receive the best from you, it is in fact you who needs the most support of all and at times you have to let things go to forsake and find this awesome happy you.

Integral to ALL my continued practice and teaching is the understanding of self reflective care and nurture that is central to confidence. Developing practices, manifestos and instinct goals just for awesome you to make you more present in your life today. Its not a roll up and one size fits all ethic in my wellbeing circle, I really do care and love the soulful women I share company with. You deserve this and respect that you are taking well earned time out to spend on yourself in a circle of women bubble.

Within a few hours or sessions with our women, you will find yourself enjoying and breathing life into one another through your own passions and desires for self nurture. You will grew, learn and find friendship and kindness whilst building on new habits and loving mojo tasks we set you aside from your time with us.

Take on a brave refreshed raw sense of purpose and unearth a value for you.