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CALM – Six weeks of Female Nurture

This nurturing space highlights that every human being needs to share, to be accepted, to belong and to be loved. Our female circle doesn’t believe in a band aid approach, it leads a curriculum of empathy which in turn creates powerful awareness and self strategy; providing a sustainable foundation of preventative wellness and self love. In a circle of women we learn respect for one another, a safe space for our own feelings of accomplishment and we carry no molds.

Learn to appreciate and investigate your passions in a process of learning. Discover your unique way of enjoying wellness, self love and exercise in the world through a playful and inspiring 6 week life changing experience module. This workshop class will help you uncover unique ways of strengthening your internal voice to loving your external self from subtly getting your exercise groove on.

A FAT LOT OF GOOD believes for girls and women of today to achieve their fullest potential, they require positive role models, examples of realistic health and wellbeing futures and opportunities to see their dreams manifested in every day life. We run a six week curriculum designed just for this to influence women to explore all the amazing ways in which their future can evolve.

First thing’s first – right now you already have enough to be happy. You have enough and you are enough. It’s a promise. Once you know that, everything else gets super easy.

Join me for a 6 week class inviting you to feel more confident bringing together a unique combination of strength training, interval, agility and endurance workouts, individually tailored nutritional strategies and success mindset training to help you achieve results. Fitness can become heavy and intense but our philosophy here is to love the skin you are in and keep it light and fun.

I am committed to the ethos of positivity, opportunity and community – by showing women the full possibility of themselves to be fully engaged and empowered women to live their most full lives.

Starting this vitality course is just one big, small act along the path that I am here to support you with for a very long time.

Curriculum Content

  • Fitness, Health & Wellbeing collaborating at its best.
  • Women sharing their stories and unique careers.
  • Our qualified Trainers will share their stories and skills about how they have positively impacted their community and made their cause a success in fitness and wellbeing. Helping others set relevant, achievable adventures and goals in union in planning and practice.
  • The journey to complete self acceptance is a lifelong one. Enjoy being around women who are and have settled in to themselves, living life to the fullest! Hearing women share about what it feels like to not give a care about what other people think. Its the spark that we want more of.
  • Learning self respect and worth, in the sense of striving to be kind, open and caring to ourselves even when others are not to us. The concept of value and future for self.
  • Helping women of all age discover health, confidence, and self respect sooner than later so that they treat themselves and each other with kindness.
  • By introduction of gentle, fun, light hearted physical activity sessions we also boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy.
  • A holistic curriculum that looks at emotional, physical, nutritional and social facets to come to an optimum outcome of self directed change.


What do you learn about yourself when you face difficult times? You often realise that you are capable of more than you imagine. Making quick and confident decisions in stressful situations is hard, but so too is committing to that decision, showing faith in it and following through with it by determined, flexible action.

Planning for yourself requires not only careful consideration of the challenges ahead, but also a willingness to accept that you cannot prepare for every eventuality, and the confidence and nerve to trust yourself to figure things out along the way.

And let us not forget to enjoy the journey, through all its stressful, daunting, exhausting, maddening, and amusing twists and turns. The end goal is not all that matters, and the more we enjoy the challenges along the way, the more likely we are to succeed in the long run.

Using the concept of microadventures -short, adventurous activities and challenges close to home encourage you to take practical steps to challenging yourself by undertaking adventures of their own and improving their physical health, mental well-being, and all-important work/life balance. 5 to 9 thinking is an idea that applies to much more than just adventure.

Why is this different to other bootcamps and fitness

Before you start with any activity, you will meet one-on-one with Georgina and be part of a peer to peer mentorship circle of women. You will search for what your goals are, what benefits you are looking for and make a personalised portfolio that is bespoke to you.

This curriculum caters for ALL. From the woman whom has never worked out before to a woman who runs a marathon, we have something for every woman. No matter who you are, georginas workouts are relevant but challenging to you. Being fun, improving your health and happiness.

So, what is a portfolio and why is it important?

Every woman in our space has a personal portfolio where I keep track of your short term and long term goals. Some of our women have previous injuries that we need to know about, to make sure their workouts are modified to prevent further injury. Others have personal information and needs to be aware of and this is what makes us all so individual valued and unique. During our one-on-one consultation, you will go over your current habits and aspirations.  Remember, this is a lifestyle change that’s sustainable and effective. Blending and bonding with female peers that all motivate and keep a continuum in gentle female community.

Dip your toe into a little taste of self nurture.

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