Self Care with nourishing foods
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Going Vegan with your cake

Although not entirely healthy and present of a little bit of sugar this recipe is about the nutritional aspect of health, quite simply we are what we eat. By dropping the butter and eggs I have gone a little vegan. By giving the body a sufficient amount of the nutrients it needs it has the best opportunity to heal itself and stay well. Being crammed with potassium bananas can naturally contribute to the aid of muscle fatigue and give you a little post exercise boost and nurture with a hearty cuppa of something.

Just don’t overfeed and be under nourished is my message here. Be positive that health is a feeling of wellbeing that embraces mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Tie on the apron strings and nurture the hell out of your soul.


150g Spelt or Self-raising flour
80g Vegetable oil e.g. Ground nut oil, olive oil, hempseed oil or sunflower oil
2 Overly ripe bananas
75g Mixed fruit
1tsp Ground cinnamon
1tsp Nutmeg
2tsp Baking powder (half extra for spelt flour)
150g Brown sugar

A sprinkling of of pumpkin & sunflower seeds to the cake topping.

Raising Agents: Most baking powders contain ingredients such as aluminium or wheat, as well as being sodium based. Health food shops sell sodium baking powders free from gluten and aluminium but potassium baking powered free from gluten and additives is more acceptable. This is becoming more readily available, pop in your local health food shop and seek out some advice.

Dried Fruit: Use in moderation, preferably choosing unsulphurized. Washing dried fruit helps to remove some of the surface yeast.

Spelt Flour: It is similar in appearance to wheat but has a much harder outer shell. Spelt flour has a nutty and slightly sweet flavor similar to that of whole wheat flour. It does contain gluten and is a popular substitute for wheat in baked goods.


Preheat the oven to 180 ° and line a loaf tin with oil. Don’t worry if you don’t have a loaf tin you can always use cupcake holders instead to make smaller individual cakes- great for an on the go snack!

In a mixing bowl mash up the banana with a fork until smooth. If it becomes hard to mash in some places add a small amount of the oil. (The riper the bananas the better as they are easier to mash and jam packed with flavour)

Mix in the sugar and the flour and stir thoroughly with the bananas.

Add the remainder of the oil, baking powder, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Lastly, throw the mixed fruit into the bowl . I like to use a mixture of dried cranberries, raisons and sultanas as they keep the cake moist. As for the nuts I often use pumpkin seeds, macadamia nuts and brazil nuts.

Bake for 20 minutes in the middle of the oven before removing and covering with foil for a further 10 minutes.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 20 minutes before serving.

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