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Hoorah the joy of the pelvic floor blues

During my thirteen years as a mother I have brandished the beating stick of the pelvic floor to many a poor soul. If only pre natal and post natal I had respected my beautiful nether region as an empath and not demanded so much from my pelvic band.

For those that know me they will be all too familiar with my complete utter lust for a topic around the care of the pelvic floor. To this effect each and every one of my practice movements with my circle of women talks of the care and respect, listening and understanding for our pelvic band.

So hoorah you hear me cry as I stumbled upon what appears the best app a girl could find post partum or midst pelvic floor quandary or care.

Bwom have developed a beautiful interactive mode of guidance and care from a physical therapist specialiszing in Uerogynecology and Obstretic care. Having whizzed around the ap it has left me with a peppering of glee that finally there is a quality resource out there to get your hands on.

Bwom citation
“Many women come to Bwom not knowing how healthy their pelvic floor is. They notice changes but don’t know who to turn to and don’t feel heard. So we saw the need for an app that will guide women.”

On a trending theme of pelvic woes this week have reported a new disposable tampon that targets incontinence leakage. Reminding us that if we dread the everyday laugh, sneeze or cough due to bladder give away then this new tampa like product launched in the US is your miracle band aid cure.

Healthista go onto mention Pericoach another new gadget which strengthens the pelvic floor and too with it tracks the progress via a whizzy app. Yet what does this all mean for women with stress Urinary Incontinence that seek out these miracle cures?

This condition can have a striking effect on your quality of life, it is something women need to shout out about in the right platforms and safe houses to pool and resource gentle help. Having given birth to twins and trailed the NHS to this cause I have made it my mantra in life to hold out a hand to all women whom need tender support.

There are positive avenues out there of physio and appropriated lifetime exercise therapy which improve a given set of scenarios.

Don’t hide in the shadows, seek out a mentor to receive all the help you can in prevention and post pelvic trauma from birth, age or weight.