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The thing I’m most passionate about is guiding people to their personal medicine, wisdom and reclaiming their sovereignty.

I strive for a sincere self care practice rather than a perfect one.

I share the approaches I use in my personal daily practice, along with tools for putting it to work in our own lives. My aim is to help you see the ways in which you get caught or hooked in habitual responses to life, and how you can learn to choose a fresh alternative, thereby experiencing a life of freedom, joy, and true happiness.

Nourishment with Mindful practice, Yoga Therapy, Relaxation, Wellness, Nutrition and Aromatherapy Health Therapies.

Practicing and committing to a self centric fitness practice can be a powerful tool to make life easier which at times will allow all else to fall away. I have been studying fitness and holistic principle for over 20 years. In recent working as a teacher trainer has allowed me to go even deeper with my practice and to truly embody the benefits of fitness theory in application. Creating real discipline has been a gift for me where fitness hygiene is a tool for clearing the mind and having true connection and appreciation for the human anatomy.

I understand just how important it is to have clarity, focus and support around your goals. The coaching component of any one to one mentorship and self care training offers exactly that. It is also a chance for you to work through any stumbling blocks you might face and adds an incredible richness to your health and fitness journey.

A gentle one to one female session caters for any level. I work to empower you to achieve your wellbeing and health goals. My practice and programmes have the warmth to take you away from the noise, from whatever level you are, onto a truly rooted, fit, strong and healthy state, both physically and mentally.

Common issues my clients struggle with are: lack of self-worth, low confidence, lack of motivation, not feeling they are reaching their potential and feeling things are out of control.

All sessions are designed to help you spark (or re-spark) your exploration of seeing yourself with kindness. An invitation to create practices and goals that are fit for you within wellbeing of self and activity.  Working together you will learn to let go of the idea that your practice needs to be one certain ‘project’ or format and to focus in on a practice that is even more nourishing and more authentic to you and your life path. There are so many to gently use, investigate and play with.

For the last few years, I’ve been on a mission to help people see themselves with kindness through the tool of being healthy in a circular method and have been working with groups on E-Courses, talk therapy and exercise. This has been transformative for me and other women as a tool for healing and positive goal setting.


Working with me includes:


A personalised 1-1 Skype/Zoom session or telephone call is scheduled, allowing me to get to know you better, hear your story and understand what you wish your journey to be. Together we gather tools and ideas for nourishment and self-care. It is vitally important for women today to find magic within cultivating physical and emotional hygiene that is to make the days and their future lives.

Once you have enrolled, you will receive a confirmation email and you can login to find the link to a private Facebook group of soft women whom are midst their own personal journeys with commitment and nourishment. Welcome to the whole woman circle!

A Personal Journey Session

A one to one session is designed and recommended to take only a few sessions of an hour a week, so no matter your lifestyle, or what your everyday asks of you or where your energy is allocated, it will help you gently shift and peacefully transform your life. It is essential for your wellbeing and fitness practice to be fulfilling, manageable, and ease-full—that’s why fitness training with me is created with fierce simplicity. I am passionate about creating ways for women to find nourishment within their busy lives.

Your Journey offerings

  • Simple Training from Georgina Land
  • Nourishing & thoughtful assignments to help support your self care or fitness practice
  • Inspiration & suggestions to make it your own

Who should take this route

  • Individuals looking to connect with themselves
  • People who feel overwhelmed with wellbeing and health
  • People who want to learn about fitness, yoga and relaxation therapies
  • People who want to create good habits and break old ones