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NOURISH & EXPLORE – Personal Fitness, Yoga and Health Training

withgeorginaHaving worked in the industry for many years Georgina understands just how important it is to have clarity, focus and support around your goals. The coaching component of any one to one mentorship and personal fitness training offers exactly that. It is also a chance for you to work through any stumbling blocks you might face in your nutrition or training, and adds an incredible richness to your health and fitness journey.

I want to offer you something different than your average workout or group fitness class. I want to help you shatter your fitness and wellness goals and get you into the best shape of your life from inside then to out.

A gentle one to one female session caters for any level. I work to empower you to achieve your wellbeing and health goals. Whether it be toning up, running a half marathon or simply staying healthy and making new positive friendships. My practice and programmes have the warmth and a tailored progression plan to take you from whatever level you are at to a truly rooted, fit, strong and healthy state.

All sessions are designed to help you spark (or re-spark) your exploration of seeing yourself with kindness. An invitation to create practices and goals that are fit for you within wellbeing of self and activity. Many of us have had plans to do a 365 days annual gym membership project or have grand plans for crazy big explorations such as a running event then felt guilty or ashamed when we aren’t able to follow through or finish them. When really, they might just might not be damn fit for us. working together you will learn to let go of the idea that your practice needs to be one certain ‘project’ or format and to focus in on a practice that is even more nourishing and more authentic to you and your life path. There are so many to gently use, investigate and play with.

For the last few years, I’ve been on a mission to help people see themselves with kindness through the tool of being healthy in a circular method and have been working with groups  on E-Courses, talk therapy and exercise. This has been transformative for me and other women as a tool for healing and positive goal setting.