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Soothing the mind mumble.

I have a stark memory of my mind being a jumble. Noise of where do I start, how do I filter and organise the what ifs, wheres and whens, time there is no time. Todays modern woman sits in a container of so much responsibility, family, partnership and lifes’ pressure and noise.

What I have learnt is to quit the self help guides, the reading, the trailing for the eternal right. I have learnt to spend just that small time and practice on my soul each day. Whether it be in peace with connection of other females in conversation, isolation of creativity in journaling and word flow, an exercise beasting or luxuriant decadence of gifting myself drops of luxury moments for me. The posh tea, the essence bath, a lit candle, it absolutely has to be identified in the moment as time for me. Recognition of those glimpses of exquisite experience in each day.

This practice has become key to me shifting my balance on to what is to be ‘healthy’. It used to be the perfect physique in the mirror, an eternal quest to prove to all that I could be this master of fitness and recognition for this artificial vision. It has become a life long learning that to me now it is and can be so much more. Holding greater depth than one physical action to improve my mindset.

My practice now seeks gratitude and understanding for all that I have around me in the now is actually quite perfect at this very time. I have educated myself that I need no more, I need no calm, I need no more perfection, I just need to give myself a small snippet of time each day to realise this and rein in the noise telling me its not.

All it takes is a a moment each day as a reminder, we are owners of the beautiful creative self, we are masters of our path and inner noise. Our passions come from developing this self and nurturing our being not taking on the role of a companion to this person we own. Our strengths come from investing time in this self, finding our bliss and giving it time and worshiping it in daily ritual and commitment.

It is a balance of showing love to others, listening to others, giving yourself time to think how you structure this along with feeling its ok to reflect this very same thing back to you in equal apportioned share.

I picked up a beautiful manifesto today, which to me embodies us as children, if read with depth you can apply this to beautiful you. We believe what we tell ourselves, we behave by this too. Take time to believe and find your goodness, grow and learn your passions and stop giving into and pushing energy to your weaknesses. Invest in yourself, invest in calm, invest in investigation and development of self creativity and joy in so many different states than just the visual one.


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