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Want help to shed some toxins? Why nettle tea could be the best thing in your world.

Want help to shed some toxins?

So long as you are blessed with a healthy liver sipping some Nettle tea can have a plethora of health benefits in support. Nettle tea is a natural diuretic that allows fluid flow into the kidneys and bladder. The Journal of Herbal Pharmacotherapy states that nettle tea can flush out toxins from the urinary tract and also support the medicines used to treat urinary tract infections.

With the main causes of health problems being toxicity and malnutrition it is reflective to consider that in western society we can often not recognise that we are overfed but undernourish. If our bodies receive good quality fuel in vitamins and minerals then they will be allied to work more efficiently to overcome toxicity (substances which should not be present in the body). Similarly if we receive insufficient levels of essential nutrients our toxic load may be allowed to rise to levels which promote ill health.

It is impossible to avoid toxins completely. Our bodies are built to cope with a certain level, the liver being our main organ of detoxification. Toxins are naturally removed from our bodies through urine and faeces, sweating exploration (breathing out). It is only when these elimination channels cannot cope with this removal that the body will let us now that all is not well by producing symptoms.

It takes a certain amount of vitality for the body to be able to eliminate excess toxins through the skin, and many individuals do not have constitutions strong enough for this process. Health problems are caused by this elimination process, psoriasis, eczema, rashes, itching, dandruff, boils and spots are caused by elimination.

Even if the body does not have the vitality to use the skin successfully to eliminate excess toxins, it does not give up trying. With the next place for it to use is the internal mucosa. Eliminating in this way causes illnesses such as coughs, colds diarrhoea, thrush, cystitis, conjunctivitis, ulcers and heavy clotting periods.

Individuals who still have excess toxicity, even thought their bodies may be using some of the above methods to eliminate toxins, will suffer from symptoms related to toxicity being deposited in the body usually in the areas of last resistance. Varying from person to person and dependent on factors such as hereditary, illnesses and injuries. Tiredness, irritability, anxiety, depression, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart problems and cancer are just some of the problems which can be promoted by toxicity.

Needless to say all can benefit form periods of awareness, whether midst serious health problems or feeling just below par or maintaining health. So long as you are blessed with a kettle and a few pounds in your purse, consider dropping a box of nettle tea into the trolly on your next adventure down the aisle of the supermarket store. Give some love, life and mojo to your liver and kick ass to the toxins to boot.

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