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Set your days intention

Let us stop punishing ourselves for a body that doesn’t look like the ones we were told we would have some day. Instead, let us touch our bodies with the healing of our own hands and hearts and words and finally, exhale into the beauty of our authenticity.
— Carrie-Anne Moss

Consume and pool to inspiration everyday, external feeds internal.

Your senses, how much value do you place to these? How often do you show up and invite your senses in with value. Vision, scent, hearing and taste. Each of which have an immense value and wealth to our worlds. Do you invite essence into your life, beautiful sounds, sensory touch and timeless silence that is in vision?

There is no perfection there is just experience and learning to do. Practice and experience and value in the exquisite moments in our days. Walk with grace, invite and value peace within. Show up to learn, show up to pain, show up to value, show up for thanks.

For this is your moment to shine, each and every day.

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