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Be A Magnet

withgeorginaA patrol of the self to hold the hand of understanding that today is enough. Be brave, be centred and observe that the very best bits are when you show up for you in you; in understanding and compassion.

Let us be thankful for the problems we don’t have. Happiness emanates from a deep understanding of nurture for the self. Integrity, self discipline and contemplation. Bodily respect, mastery of the mind and emotions with energetic awareness, internal awareness and detachment from habit and craving. In observance of self stillness in aspiration for peaceable joy, fulfilment and freedom.

Forethought is put into contentment of living day by day, non conformity to overwhelming pressure in a life that is boundaried in knowledge of showing up peaceably for the ever learning self.

Become the light, the magnet and set your identity of being really connected with the beautiful feminine self. Nurture the goodness you hold within and that you already have enough. Be here now, practice self love, tap into your strength, expose your ego and flock to your tribe.

georginalandGeorgina is a yogini, mother, and works as a fitness instructor. Attending part time university to continue study in sports medicine and sports coaching, yoga instruction & Reikii II Practition. She uses her knowledge from her degree studies to build on her passions; wellness and prevention. Founder of “A fat lot of good” she encourages women to live in the moment, love what they do, and love themselves in order to share that love with others. “We are all connected. In order to have a truly peaceful, loving, and mindful community, we first must have those values rooted within ourselves.”







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