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Using Movement To Heal Worry

withgeorginaUse your freedom of movement to feel something different. Meditate upon ‘Just for today I will not worry’.

Worry causes stress and anxiety and impedes energy and bodily regeneration. When worrying you are focusing on the future, with excessive worry leading to impedance of inner wisdom, confusion and stagnentation. You are here for a purpose, you are here to make an impact, honour yourself by following your hopes, happiness and fulfilment for just today. You have countless things to be grateful for, hold the intention of gratitude to be kind to yourself and every living thing. What you vibrate out you will receive back. Negative intentions have negative effects, focus upon kindness and positiveness; with kindness will flow a mirroring positivity into your day.


“Asanas of Yoga can ease and alleviate anxiety with at best the easy pose being the most meditative and relaxing”


Anxiety can lead to shallow breathing, rapid breath and thus anxiety elevation. Be gentle with yourself, sit in a quiet warming place, sitting cross legged, kneeled or in a chair. Bring yourself to the present, placing a hand on your heart and another on your belly. Encourage and allowing yourself to breath deeply and smoothly and bringing yourself to the space of now. Feel soothed as you feel expansion in the front and rear of your lungs whilst visualising the breath moving in and out of your lung walls, permeating oxygen into your blood and every cell of your being. Allow the space to expand and vibrate through your being.

By responding positively and accepting personal setback as an opportunity to learn you can live a happier and more fulfilling and mindful life. Expanding this out to using your physical being as a limb to heal and appreciate the space of now you can positively bloom.

Close your calming mind practice with child pose, releasing tension and allowing the ‘let go’. A floor forward bend and mild inversion it gives opportunity for breath in the back of the body. Giving break and breath to our adrenal glands which can be exposed to exhaustion during periods of stress and anxiety.

“Sensitive souls need ritual and grounding, those rituals that have a profound effect on our nervous energy”


Meditative movement gives time and break from overthinking, allowing us to reconnect to self care and practice. Spend delicate time thinking about what movement or exercise grounds and brings you back to earth. A breezy walk on the coast to a yoga mat in a studio or a pumping sweat on a trail. What ever it be, each will gift a space to stretch, breath, connect and desensitise from worry, sensitivity and self critique.

Go make ritual, commitment, time and energy for practices that bring you self space, awareness and joy. Seek out positive contagious energy and happiness and your blockages will flow and you will become the mirror in your own life.

Blessed be you.

georginalandGeorgina is a yogini, mother, and works as a fitness instructor. Attending part time university to continue study in sports medicine and sports coaching, yoga instruction & Reikii II Practition. She uses her knowledge from her degree studies to build on her passions; wellness and prevention. Founder of “A fat lot of good” she encourages women to live in the moment, love what they do, and love themselves in order to share that love with others. “We are all connected. In order to have a truly peaceful, loving, and mindful community, we first must have those values rooted within ourselves.”



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