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Powers of intention


It may not be a tender new year on this very moment; yet reflect upon listening to your inner self.

I have been doing this one every New Year’s Eve for the last several years: My family of beautiful souls write down each of their many colourful and varied delicate goals for the New Year. These are sealed away in an envelope and compassionately opened up the eve of the following year for deep scrutiny and humour.

A whole year on it is a tender reminder of how much you can achieve in just one year. By using the the power of intention, not written in the format of “I’d like to…” or “I want to…” it will dilute the power of your intention. Write and flow out the “I will…” or “I’m going to…” or even just the goal itself. “Run a 5-minute mile.” “Practice yoga twice a week.” “Write my novel.”

The power of a goal isn’t just reaching it, it is in recognising that you can hear what you want in your life and setting a path to it with honour and humility. In essence, that’s what a New Year is about: honoring the past, determining your future, and celebrating your life.

Go spill out your inner intentions and make sure its in the humour and company of the most hearty healthy nearest and dearest companions.

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