Be Mindfull, Give to Others
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The rhythm of feminine

Dear you,

Listen, cherish the warmth and depth of the knowledge and understanding of grace and poise. Feeling its open page of power, beauty of instinct, vibration and flow. Each step learning the beauty of what it is to be a woman to tenderly join and speak the language of body, mind and skin. It starts with love, within your house.

Grace is lightening, an energy that flows so deep, not to leave by the wayside. Not to fight or vaporise; built to last right to the deep depths of the night. A calling to treasure the utterly breathtaking depth and scope of beauty as a woman we hold. Carrying the tenderness, appreciation and poise to represent our being so delicately with wonderful self love; not being afraid to keep it together.

The feminine has the most amazing capacity to open to, and give love. Use it. It is a gift to everybody.

Staying awake with you, not a ‘just be’. Robust emotional vocabulary, bridging the gap of consistent positive word choice and talk. A beauty and curiosity for companions. Valuing the eb and flow of lifes virtues, beautiful souls and treasured wisdoms. Embracing the beauty of change, the virtues of life and growth taken from experience. The grace of sitting with others and a deep understanding of the tread of an empath, knowing what it is like to be and enough; awakened. Not giving time to ego, having a deep knowledge of your greatest strengths and weaknesses, breathing life into every chase when it is your turn at the green light. Keeping a hearty hold of strength when it gets dark, the miles and sweat of chasing tenacity. Win the medal, be first at the line.

Know your home – a burning night light.

Keep the vibration flowing, running. The grace to find the light within criticism and offence; a grasp and delicate balance of self confidence and open mindset. Being wide eyed and giving no excuse with the word no.

Listen; open your heart as a child, dance in the light of the gift of female grace. Speak and show up with the internal voice of the love affair with self. It is your job to drive through the hills to remove toxicity from every crevice and having no fear of its journey.

That something inside you is pure unadulterated grace where perfection has no target.

Cultivate gratitude. It sits beneath the moon, in the midnight oil, it is the rhythm that beats inside your head. Faith there is no better place. It sits in your face, your arms wrapped around your very heart, there simply is no better love affair but with grace.

Walk as a woman and don’t hinder. Cultivate joy in its delicate step; its path is calm. Your heart is not heavy, your life is grace. The flicker and image of love sits within your very flow.

Hold its hand, it is no search. Dance in its heaven,  meet with the divine feminine and trust in time that within the letters of grace it will spell out light.

Keep it by your side whatever the weather.




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