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The Wisdom of the Waistline – make it a part of your life

Arms curled around our waist; there is no better place to be in receipt of the acknowledgement of the beautiful feminine.

The centre to connection and perception to our external feminine. Taking compassion and warmth to a deep happy foundation and affection for this beautiful space as it is TODAY is the goal of our journey.

For some the path of acceptance can be long. Come in time you can pick up its beauty, surrendering to its skin, stories and its special space. It may not even physically change. You may have chosen to put it in the order of dis-ownership, giving it little space for love and total rejection. Its time to revisit the love affair and rekindle a deep friendship.

A relationship of thought to showing up for this physical space is where my whole fitness practice lies. Learning an interaction to treasure our pelvis, extending to the wonders of the buxom waist, a magnet of gold. Walking today with acceptance of its wonder.

To think of its past, to acknowledge its work. To find where it sits today, removing its search for goals, sizes and giving it everything you have in friendship and non judgemental tollerance.

Trust in time that you will meet with a love for this area. Childbirth, menopause, hysterectomy, weight gain, weight loss, incontinence and many more change its story. A continuum of transitional journeys of acceptance. From the moment of trauma, loss or physical change. It is a story it owns of which we distance, yet another of its beautiful chapters of tale to build a foundation of respect upon. Give it patience and everything you have today. Don’t fault it, don’t criticise, don’t pass judgement, just give it thought, gratitude, love and it will love you back melting into your soul.


If you wait, if you don’t appreciate, you simply are not treasuring your external feminine as it is today. Tip away the victim tag and amass to loving the feeling of drinking in its amazing role it shows up faultlessley for day after day.

My programmes work to bring you back to your core self. With movements and paths that allow you to understand your most feminine and self connected area.

The definition of core is widely used in fitness classes, exercise programmes and sports conditioning programmes throughout the sport and fitness sector. With many different views and opinions on the value of core stability training and its techniques. My training centres around compassion and rehabilitation, in mind, body and skin to a far greater depth. A restorative path to peace and acceptance.

Investigating the stories these areas hold, showing up to honesty and regaining a relationship and deep trust for this area. Reconnecting a strong nurture with the deep divine feminine.

Movement alone can allow us to feel feminine. Acknowledgement and showing up in appreciation can healthily remove many of our perceptions and judgements. Rotation, flexion, extension and breath; education and an deep understanding of a sense of control and connection for this bodily space and its more than capable role it holds today.


The practice of female core centric yoga allows connection with empowerment of the body mind and spirit of the female. The practice aims to teach how to communicate with the body; to access acceptance for the core to achieve its inner power and a path to personal acceptance and inner peace.

With an inner peace and power builds a foundation for mental readiness to physical power and learning a true regained love for the pelvis and it past.

Find peace in connection with familiarity of this beautiful sacrid space.

georginalandGeorgina Land

I am blessed to teach relaxing workshops to a small group of women in the UK. We meet, we laugh, we inspire, we witness one another.

Hidden away I have a beautifully intimate room for a unique safe experience into movement workshops, to allow your inner female calm and beauty to surface. An oasis for the mind in a peaceful setting where you can establish a new routine of self nurture, self love and healthy movement practice.

We share the intimacy of female connection in friendship and familiarity. No matter who we are I strive hard to ease women to feel positive, connected and grateful in their bodies.

Please sink into this safe space, look through the muses and find heart in something that speaks to you right where you are now. 


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