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The Magic of Attunement

Dear you,

Momentary awareness, welcome and entertain. Pain and pleasure sits with attunment, turning the magic on. We are strong when we teach others how to treat us; when we show up to our emotion and delicate sensitivity. The purity of self respect to showing up; feeling beneath your very skin. Nothing is too broken to find a path back.

Pausing to reflect upon the force of seas of change, not pushing down emotions, feeling and being open to pain. Having fun as if finding silver, soaking in pain of others sins; the fiery forces of a relationship with the self and others. Start to fall in love with its pure depth and range; it brings us alive.

The saviour is to be a human, a full attunement to self awareness. To welcome and entertain it to your boho. Being grateful for the nature of expression of pain, hurt and wonders of the celestial delights of any painful growth phase. Turn the magic on, everything is a touch away. Expression is a diamond.

Your job alone is self respect; soften to your vulnerability in trust, respect and devotion to attunement.

Being present and open to the deep blissful attunement to your body and to others. Powers of observation and non reaction are incredibly powerful tools for authenticity in thoughtful response.

Opening up to how our interactions affect one another, not only being attuned to oneself but looking deeply to not being careless to other peoples feelings, emotions or history. Pure Love. People can break a heart, yet to grow, heal and allow a future flow; learn the art and graceful nature of attunement. Every bruise, every scar, time will save. Just sit with you and the stars of self love attunement; a location that never drifts away.

Unhappiness stems from not having the gift of presence with self, parking it within a shadow. Open your body and heart to the infinite beautiful source of awareness that sits there, right now, it can be touched. Treat and treasure as gold, the only one that fights for you.

Allow and savour your world being lit up, opened up and feel deeply with it sitting in your blood. With change flows growth, you are saved, let the forces of nature collide and grew with your attunement you dear beautiful and wonderful soul.

I love you.

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