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Blissed in Savasana

≈ Savasana – Restorative corpse pose

To have an equal balance between body, heart and mind is to live in bliss. The discovery of true relaxation is often found through Savasana; one of the yogis greatest ‘blissed in’ journeys.

To overcome the minds resistance to mule, it really is about one thing alone, the awareness of letting go and being open to witness. Clearing away distractions and getting to work with having a time and place for your appointment with peace.

Knowing your personal motivation for Savasana practice is important to overcoming your resistance, the secret temple for body and mind rest. Where resistance blocks the very pure and powerful relaxation you wish to come from within you. A tension created by yourself alone; deep feelings of anxiety causing blocks for delivery.

If you are feeling tense with mind mule, its time to relax, relax, relax. Allow your body to relax your mind; making it as fluid as water. Harness your energy to the one state. Giving kind words, giving smile, giving appreciation and love to this mumble mule. A warm embrace to the inner self whom you dearly love; opening the door to receipt, radiate and basque in a rippled state of release and relaxation.

The process of relaxation is about you getting into harmony with your mind. The law of kindness, gentleness and understanding. A state of believing without a shred of doubt you are enough right now in this space.


Nothing is too big for Savasana, some can manifest the state quickly as they do not have resistance. Yet when it comes to the bigger the thoughts of doubt or worry creep in. Negative thoughts and negative emotions need your deep most caring loving distraction; they can not survive without your attention. Take the life out of them, the very purpose and lifeblood of Savasana. By soaking into your body, with calm and little concern allowing each thought to arrive and leave as fluid as water.

Each time you find a desire, relax, relax, relax and continue relaxing your body until you can feel that the sanctuary of tension has completely gone.


Relax the entire body limb, by limb, cell by cell, depth by depth. Relax the day, the work, the timetable, the possessions and the friends. Relax the communications, the relatives, the media and the noise. Relax the ego, the news, the narratives of your life. Relax your image, your emotions, your inflations and misunderstandings. Relax into calm, into warmth, into joy into bliss into expansion and surrendor – just be. Love.



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