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Naked Vulnerability

Dear Body,

Crossing a stormy sea to a sure new location. Naked in the truth of revealing all and at the utter mercy of self. A turning point, one of growth, identification and trepidation. Dipping the feminine toe into a fountain of water for the chance of a celestial diamond the other side. An adventure in the wind that gives way to waters that flow.

Magical to the risk; naked to the truth. The beginning of the new world; shivers to the depths of core.

I know and feel the slow feminine divine melt into an adventure that allows me to feel alive. It is an art that is given; to carry the courage from out of the shadows in quest to seek a beautiful inner glow.

It is you dear body, that takes me there. That allows me there, that graces me there. I thank you again for the gift of your courage, we live together in this ever glow. It is a marriage you and I, a guest house of emotions yet forever present in body and soul.

I love you.

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