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The beauty of wisdom within female friendship

Within the feminine council …

There is no crumble, stand tall and face it all. Gather your sisters, unite and face together as a warming tribe. Call in your troops; the hands of the strong.

Power in the gentle affection and connection of the feminine, close enough for these souls to gift, to turn, to heal. A hunger to investigate, talk the power of change; to grew so deep. Warmly kiss the embrace of the love of pure feminine emotion. Where you go your sisters go, turn on the invisible, the beauty of the feminine. Reminded these are the stars of security, loving ways, tender words fending from harm. There when in the close of eyes, the words of wisdom and calm that sit within the cracks of our lives. The side to you they repair, the truths. Through births, through haze, bound by friendship and often beautiful surprise. Friendship is never over, they get you on your two feet. The closest to you.

Share in hands, reach for nurture; melt and crumble into the love.   Permission for allowing you to come from the dark. Transparent in winds of change, your sisters make all crystals clear through any burn. Don’t underestimate the fire of change, they are your love. Have no doubt they take you to home and go to the ends of the earth to allow for the touch of dreams.

Consciously connect to those you love, you can grasp and have it all. The deep, they have your heart in their hands, held and looking out. Play the dance with your best feminine tribe, a warm embrace, nothing but purest love. Lessons in love, lessons in hurt, lessons in laughter and memory with this beautiful tribe.

Set your table, turn your sorrow to treasures of gold. Set the candles, feel the scars and let the feminine dry the tears. Let them hold, carry and feel the awe of beauty and respect for the beautiful feminine.

From the moment you meet, there is no doubt yours sisters have a soul to travel that extra mile. There is nothing they would not do to share in the wonder and beauty within the selfless gift of sista love. Storms, winds of change may blow, yet here they stand to hold a heart and soul. The release to a vision of a future freedom.

Be happy, soften, chase the eb and flow. Give, give to your tribe for they are aglow.

Walk in the same way, pass the gene, be the light, the magnet and let our baby girls tread the same path with the wonders of the feminine heart.







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