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You – The Pioneer of body image

Be in awe and wonder of the magnificence of you, in delicious soulful self love.

If by looking at you, you feel disatisfaction in mind, body or soul, you will attract disatisfaction. What you hold back inside simply will be mirrored back. The more we practice gratitude the deeper it is felt in heart. The greater depth and sincerity we feel, the greater happiness we are with today.

Never let a day pass without nurturing the good, feeling the good within, praising, appreciating, blessing and being grateful. Make it your commitment, and your body mind and spirit will work in awe.

Welcome and sink into this safe space of words, look through the muses and finding heart in something that speaks to you right where you are now. Join my nurture circle of fitness and wellbeing designed specifically for women to enjoy their bodies just as they are today being enough.

Let it be an ocean in your arms that you are shining. ‘I am adventurous, I let life excite and delight me with all its twists and turns. Let me awaken to me’.


Find satisfaction, fulfilment, happiness, pleasure, cheerfulness, ease and serenity in the comfort of your own skin as it is today. Your bodily vessel is smarter than you know, it stays with you wrapping you tight. Caring without a word spoken; always there to count upon even when we don’t give it compassion and kindness.

By scaling to suit whatever is your inspiration, form or function you can learn that your body is a wrapping of pure love away from a physical sense of a visual ideal. I teach that we should only be comfortable in the body sense of acceptance and gratitude. Movement, function and valuing our bodies makes us happy. Living and loving your body is the one singular place where you can forget about everything and focus on the inner self.

knowmeYou are special, your body is your best friend, you are a united team of peaceful warriors. Develop your skills, work on mobility, eat well, awaken early, journal and follow a healing journey. Your persistence will pay off. Being aligned with the uniqueness of your body, grounded and rooted that you need no transformation but that of gratitude and compassion for the tools and gifts of our bodies grace and ability.

Repeated soft exercise can have a healing journey, its effects will begin to take hold and shape your life and internal environment. The more you allow into your life, the greater and easier you realise it is a tool for healing.

I teach traditional practices of exercise in leading fitness education, groups and one to one. Mindful of loving kindness and positive emotion to the body as it is today. This practice allows a future to a deep and reflective state of positivity for the body, transforming self esteem and confidence for the better. Having nothing to do with how one looks to others, the belief is to become in a state of gratitude and acceptance of where your body is today being part of your life. To live in the skin you walk in with proudness, spirit and individualism.


Activity and exercise is easy to integrate into everyday life. The nurture circle is a female community who practice helping one another on their paths. Exploring positive body image, being happy indeed as we live. Working with inspiring love and life stories, spiritual friendships and the unsung blessings of women who connect.

I promote a zesty, energising cleansing and refreshing uplifting approach to fitness and wellbeing. Our sense of powerful emotional response to exercise is instrumental in pioneering a powerful trigger to acceptance to promote emotional as well as spiritual wellbeing.

Welcome to the nurture circle the home of female wellbeing.





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