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Trust your eyes to give you the real picture

Irritation, why? The fact is we don’t trust our eyes enough to give us the real picture with what we sit within. The postcard that gives a proper picture of reality.

Dogged by feelings of guilt for the need we have to make friends with our life, integrity, humility and honesty to situation.

Unite not divide, a little tiny move or adjustment may encourage a reaction that brings a smiley face.

It may take a little working out, discovery of a problem followed by control of self outrage. Yet you can not cut and paste the responsibility and ownership for your own personal life choices and suffering. The demise of our dear health is brought about by not chasing a calmed down one. Dire blackout phases of unplugging a connection with our inner intuition and voice, a phobia to finding courage to strike out for oneselfs’ health and wellbeing. Quite often we witness those who have a health demise initiated from a demand and importance to always be right and the winner. Yet it is more special and cleansed to walk with the heart of self humility. What people need is not that of a brilliant mastery mind yet one that listens and can utterly let go.

We have sanctuary within our hurts of injury, wings within in our distraught times. Rescue can be self taught and we can find a softie and love within our own heart not one of a victim chime.

A carefully restored and preserved ‘real life’ will encapsulate moments and memories of retuning, the rawness of being with real living and a connection to be had within the wings hidden within traps. Revamp can reveal our favourite personal flights.

How do we judge within an argument? By what is the kindest deed that someone has done for you, how that person led and inspired you into this special friendship. Not by judgement of personal war and the egotistical need for I am right. Compassion, love and calm boundary.

Choose five words to describe your nature? What would surprise people about you? What was the last conversation you had with the person you most loved? What can you see and breath right now. These are the things that need inspire you, not the breath and life in gangsta fight.


Gym bunny, materialism, a self labelled victim of others fight for inflicted pearls of wisdom – the ideocrosies of the personal ego of stomping on self righteousness ownership.

Whatever we put into this universe we get back, we need to make life happen. To accept is to change, with change follows life. We are responsible for the self and what is within it, the past present and future are our connection. We can only be one thing at one time, with our behaviours matching our thought and action. History will repeat if we do not change, with patience and persistence comes reward. That reward being a reflection of the energy and effort we place to it.

Train your mind to see the good in every situation, set the standard for how we want to be treated. Our relationships are the reflection of the relationship we have with ourself. Begin your self project afresh, with a renewed sense of hope. The influence of encouragement drawing you to investigate unexplored resources. Today is your day for a new exciting way to thinking.

dream catcher.jpg

Bad habits develop quickly but can take a lifetime to fix. Each of us has patterns of behaviour we’d rather we didn’t fall into, yet hardly seem aware when we do so. From procrastination to over-indulgence, these are often psychological escapes from a reality we don’t want to face, or a worry that dogs our confidence. But today you have the opportunity to begin a new cycle, to break the patterns that hold you back and take bold steps forward. Let your worries lie, and instead put your energy into what can now be achieved.

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