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Because you are already there {2}

Georgina, is the founder of A fat lot of good. She lives with her three children. Each week, she writes about the sense—and nonsense—of life.

The body palace

I remember the first thought of I hate my body; quite frankly I was far too young. I had come to the conclusion that I wasn’t attached to it, that my skin was some kind of alien. Giving it zero respect, compassion or love with my words or actions.

Terrible isn’t it that I can’t even give my own living breathing vessel respect.

Being inspired by word;

‘When you learn how to create a boundary to something or someone that you find difficult or unaligned with, new possibilities of opening and connection emerge in you – possibilities which were previously being blocked. This is something I have learnt first-hand in my life and I love working with others on boundaries because I know the richness it brings.’ ~ Lee Harris

What exactly is it here that I give my energy to when it comes to body confidence? Our vital life force, our body, our vessel that moves our soul. I move my parameters regularly as to what is ok and acceptable in the way I muse my talk and relationship with my skin. I keep myself small and sell out to the distraction of wishing to have and be more by the modes of comparison. I pour upon my skin and body frame to be that little more and its most harsh critique. I diminish into the mess of forgetting that I have choice to stop projecting this pressure onto my quite ok and perfectly healthy frame.

Only occasionally, very occasionally have I felt intense happiness with this skin. This rare moment of bliss has only lasted for a blip. I have taught myself to not become attached to compulsive actions or mass projects to be better, to over flaunt exercise, the mass ego to be better … I call it conditioning of the ego and to remain a focus and practice with that I am perfectly enough today. Quite often I misplace this, like a lost object or project. I creep into anxiety and go in seek of a gross attachment to body image ego; transmuting into a crazed exercise seeking freak. What is this thing we communicate within today of social media, images and the look at me, its becoming very difficult to pierce through this culture, I fear for our future generations of girls. Filling heads with eccentric obsessions with the ego and the look at me and comparison of body culture.

Check mate.

Does this mean I am depriving myself of anything? Hell yes I am. I admit it, I am not doing well when I complete a fast lap of the internet, targeting body images, random exercise cleansing and new practices to boot. The riches of unriches, possibly the worst project one can undertake. I spend a lot of time to this looking for where my body limitations are, I argue for them putting forth a negative self process and self defeating statements to the self. I look for examples to look and prove this voice that I am right, to back up my position, I have little consistency with my talk with myself – I am no fan, I am bustlingly harsh, throwing self respect out.

Sure enough I am right, I am aware of my self obsessed seeking for gratification when in flight, me and this skin just don’t have the best relationship at the best of times.

Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are ~ Chinese proverb

I need to surrender to the fact that I need to listen and be aware of my feelings in a gentle and encouraging style. I have taught myself simple strategy for living at peace with this vibe and chime, to take delicate care of my thoughts and to appreciate who and where I am today.

Take care of your thoughts. They have a powerful influence over not only your life, but also the physical world around you. Your thoughts are powerful. They aren’t just neurochemical processes contained in your skull. They have a direct, measurable influence.

The mind is everything – what you think you become ~ Buddha

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georginalandGeorgina Land is a mother of three and certified fitness coach and tutor. Her greatest passions are helping women end conflict and disconnection with their bodies and the spaces they inhabit. With her unique process and a customised approach, she helps women discover the forgotten pockets of their own spirit. She creates beautiful group experiences and is also available for private one-on-one sessions. Georgina is a passionate lecturer and teacher in the fitness qualification industry and can also be found co-leading womens groups in gorgeous places around the coast of sussex.




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