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Resist putting it off

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Georgina, is the founder of A fat lot of good. She lives with her three children. Each week, she writes about the sense—and nonsense—of life.

Find Inner Peace, Improve Your Happiness and Health with Conscious Wellbeing tasks, here is shouting out to ‘Keeping In Touch’.

Keeping in touch with supportive friends can help you deal with an orbit of stresses in life. There is nothing greater than catching up with those whom embrace kindness when face to face. Yet why is it not always possible to drop them that note or chat and keep the lines of communication open, we often resist the old fashion touch?

It’s worth working at relationships, they make you feel loved and valued. None of us are superhuman, we all sometimes get tired and overwhelmed and it is that listening ear that acts as a cornerstone and counsel, how often do we take time to say thank you?

Data suggests that over a third of visits to UK GPs are associated with mental health, investing in your happiness is a lot like home maintenance and needs commitment and the resistance to lethargy to putting off.

Physiological and Psychological stress can play havoc with our attitude and enthusiasm to keep our connectedness alive. Yet being connected gives us connectedness.

Begs the fundamental question about happiness, what does open the door to happiness? Immediate gratification, achievements or the helping others. What is important to rein in is the positive psychology of ‘today’, the ‘what is available to promote happiness’? Poll your colleagues, loved ones or randoms on ‘what makes you happy’? The response is vast,  yet be aware and present that everyone has it right there at their fingertips to draw upon in that moment.

This largely can be dependant upon your own capacity for extra tasks, often relevant to your stage of life and those life changers that can leave you swamped. It is here that apathy becomes counterproductive and the role of your social network can be hugely championed to task to give you that cognitive belief that one can endure.

Psychosocial factors of great communicators arise to the chalice; those with optimism, cognitive flexibility, active coping skills, maintaining a supportive tone, attentive physical wellbeing encouragement and embracing a good moral compass to keep you on path.

Who is it we go to for this resilience? Who is it we all believe can endure? It is here we must pull to the great spiritual influences of cultivating secure relationships within our walls.

Resist to putting off that contact and prevail to ignite and keep alight these relationships regardless of the difficulties at hand. If you are unable to remove the sources of any stressors, focus upon changing  your attitude towards them and grow yourself an army who are with you at your side.

Life is a journey of personal transformation, letting go of what we are not and embracing the true joy of the self. Our social encounters and friendships can give us huge habitual shifts in behaviours, thoughts and beliefs. Society has bought us into a language of not enough, consumerised self care buy ins. Be most mindful of the positivity and nurture of companions, do we give this enough simple attention to allow us to flourish within?

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Who am I? I am a 42 year old mother, certified fitness strategist and Health and Wellbeing lecturer.

I build education ventures where I have a team whom thrive to build communities on a quest to live meaningfully and light. Into 2017 we offer a growing catalogue of events, trainings and courses as fitness, health and nutrition experts.

Building conscious individuals is my passion, and I have been doing that in my fitness career for more than 12 years, making the very best and questioning the why and truths to wellness and vitality.

My greatest passions are helping women end conflict and disconnection with their bodies and the spaces they inhabit. With my unique process and a customised approach, I help women discover the forgotten pockets of their own spirit. Creating beautiful group experiences in addition to private one-on-one sessions. I am a passionate wellbeing speaker and a lecturer in the UK fitness qualification industry where I can be found co-leading workshops in gorgeous places around the coast of sussex. Together we laugh, we cry, we entertain, challenge and inspire.

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