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A recognition that bleeds into everything

Via Daily prompt : Recognize

Georgina, is the founder of A fat lot of good. She lives with her three children. Each week, she writes about the sense—and nonsense—of life.

Dear Strength – Recognize that today you will learn more about yourself, you will grow when in pain, you will change your perspective and you will get up and put on the cloak of fight. You will respect yourself, your boundaries and you will take heed to instinct as the universal nod to what is wrong and right. Don’t you dare ignore its energetic might.

Be grateful, graceful and honourable to your four walls, speak with simple honesty and humility yet do put up a persistent personal fight. Leave when the time and signals are right. Endure, succeed and have tenacity to give it all your love and might.

In the face of adversity rein in on the foundations of endurance not forgetting you can not change another’s voice when in height of fight. Be in awe of your courage to speak what you find uncomfortable as you are in touch with what is your wrong and right.

Don’t be buried, quashed or foolish, you have so much beauty within your gift of gentle giving. Give with abundance and don’t relinquish due to past tastes of bitter sweet, for we in fact can be saviours and it must not be a tarnished beautiful delight.

Embrace, hold be tender and observe it as your utterance and gift. Be mindful to flourish within its company it will soften the blows of any personal fight.

Open your eyes dear one for you can be your own saviour, we were born of love, we are love and we can only but keep on living in this beautiful container. Seek out those whom are tender it is the only quest when seeking peace, love, joy and the light.

Hold onto that compass for it is your template to delight. Have faith, for life is a mere mix of seasons, don’t buckle or waiver for it will eventually secure all the jewels of right.

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Who am I? I am a 42 year old mother, certified fitness strategist and Health and Wellbeing lecturer.

I build education ventures where I have a team whom thrive to build communities on a quest to live meaningfully and light. Into 2017 we offer a growing catalogue of events, trainings and courses as fitness, health and nutrition experts.

Building conscious individuals is my passion, and I have been doing that in my fitness career for more than 12 years, making the very best and questioning the why and truths to wellness and vitality.

My greatest passions are helping women end conflict and disconnection with their bodies and the spaces they inhabit. With my unique process and a customised approach, I help women discover the forgotten pockets of their own spirit. Creating beautiful group experiences in addition to private one-on-one sessions. I am a passionate wellbeing speaker and a lecturer in the UK fitness qualification industry where I can be found co-leading workshops in gorgeous places around the coast of sussex. Together we laugh, we cry, we entertain, challenge and inspire.

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