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Women Only Space

Supported by afatlotofgood.co.uk

Southcoast Gym announces

open to new and existing female members 

Our EXCLUSIVE women’s hub is ready and waiting for you at Southcoast Gym


The ladies only ‘whole woman’ hub at Southcoast is well equipped, facilitated and sponsored by our specialist female trainer Georgina from afatlotofgoodgirls with a mission to empower our female members to enrich their gym experience, confidence, quality of life and with it finding a rich hearty community of female connection. Being open to existing and new members alike.

Our hub gives a free nurturing and safe place for women to explore; improving cardio conditioning, toning up and slimming down with the aid of a supportive experienced and established female instructor to hand at regular timetabled slots.

At Southcoast we don’t want our female members to get bored of their gym routine. Wishing them to feel confident, safe, supported and empowered in the long term. We believe that it is essential for your experience to be fulfilling, manageable and ease-full.

From here afatlotofgood has created further nurture workshop circles, one to one fitness training, online coaching and female centric experiences with fierce fitness simplicity. Creating ways for women to find nourishment and fulfilment within their busy lives.

Our hub aims to gently guide, encourage and uplift you. It will give you everything you need to begin and maintain a simple fitness routine within your daily life.

Once you join you can login to find the link to a private womens only zone Facebook group facilitated by our specialist womens trainer; discussing current womens health and fitness topic and providing one to one support.


The FREE access hub features

  • New members quick fire session face to face intro course
  • Weekly drop in session for weight management, fitness Testing, body stat measuring
  • Themed Drop ins – Quick Fire Group Workshops – Relaxation, Meditation, Flexiblity
  • Peri & Menopausal Support
  • Pre & Postnatal care
  • Simple Programme Design
  • Simple Nutritional Advisory
  • Monthly themed intention setting
  • Closed Facebook community and nurture circle

What is a session Intro course?

The free new members session intro course is designed to teach in a small group setting in order for our women to be safe and effective with confidence in the entire gym space.

  • Resistance Kit
  • Free Weights
  • Cardiovascular Training

When the course is complete you will be free to drop into any of our one stop Q&A timetable sessions offered, for a refresher or quick supported update.

Our Intro 30/45 minute Courses run weekly (Limited to individuals) 
Monday ~ 10am
Tuesday ~ 7:30pm

To join the hub we simply as you to book a free non obligation check in with our coach and we can help you from there with our ‘all ladies focus’. By listening and reaching to your goals we can help keep you utterly motivated and supported upon your fitness journey.

This ‘ladies only’ focus enables you to use our fully equipped gym to give you the best work out for whatever purpose you require.

What do I get when I join the hub?

  • Simple ‘how to’ training advise
  • Nourishing assignments to help support your fitness practice
  • Inspiration and suggestions to make your fitness journey your own
  • Access to a private Facebook community for womens health and fitness support, facilitated by our specialist female trainer.



Refer a friend with a free days gym pass to get yourself a buddy to help you achieve your body goals in zero to no time at all


Your Instructor


Georgina Land is a mother, experienced fitness professional, womens’ wellbeing specialist and Yogi who came to Southcoast just over a year ago. Her work in the fitness industry includes sports lecturing, public speaking and women centric training solutions.




From Georgina —

My desire is for women to feel confident and nourished in any fitness environment. I believe an embraced female will lead to a nourished outcome. My wish is to inspire others to create honest and satisfying exercise experiences. I find immense satisfaction in my role as an womens’ exercise consultant, seeking deep and truthful connection with our bodies.  I am passionate about education, not just of the mind, but also of the soul. I advocate for the midlife woman and each and every woman striving to find the best version of themselves. Come join my tribe.



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