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Perfection is Procrastination

An area that needs transparency—the fitness starting date. As an expert in fitness and health I am well-versed in the hardships that come from building fitness from the ground up.

The hardest part is to keep going and you are not going to make headway for the first couple of months. Keep your head down and focus on your tasks and intentions for the day ahead alone. It can be lonely and I think women should expect that.

You may lose friends, self care it’s not glamourous and with it can bring envy. If you’re able to make it work you are able to have a lot of the freedoms that help you live a really fulfilled life.


My advice, don’t wait for something to be perfect to start. By waiting for the ‘ideal time’ to start your wellbeing adventures and projects, we are letting fear and perfection dictate our decision making.


Start something, the only place it can go is up. If you never launch your intention it will never grow!

Perhaps the perfection we see within the media creates unhealthy standards for us as well. Whilst we might be tempting to hold off into our spontaneity and creative flow well until everything is “just right,” that mindset stalls us from ever starting. Perfection just isn’t a realistic goal.

Because what is perfect? Certainly not life. It’s messy, exciting, complicated, and full of surprises—and the same can be said for our bodies. We all come in different shapes, colours, and sizes. It’s in these moments of difference and authenticity where we truly find the definition of beauty.

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