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The Sacrum: The window to health

Learning about chakras the energy that runs from the base of the spine to the top of the  head is something I delve into when discussing the sacral region and planning sacral health within the sacral method programme.

Within this space I delve deep into the sacral chakra and give headway to whether your chakra it′s functioning correctly or if it′s in need of a tune-up to bring it back into alignment?

1) Where is the Sacral Chakra?

The sacral chakra is the second chakra. It′s found behind your pubic bone, immediately above the root chakra and below the solar plexus chakra. It′s called the sacral chakra, because it corresponds to the sacrum in the spine. It resonates with the music note of D.

It′s possible to experience many indications in your physical, mental, or emotional state when this chakra is out of balance. For example, mood swings, lack of joy, feeling unfulfilled with your life, trouble relating to others, low self-esteem, and a lack of creativity are some of the symptoms you might experience.

Physically, you could also have problems with your lower back and the organs of your abdomen. For women, this might even present itself as problems with childbirth and fertility.

2) What Color is the Sacral Chakra?

The chakras have specific colours which they respond to on an energy level. The sacral chakra resonates with the color orange. Orange stones, elixirs, closing your eyes and meditating on the colour orange, or imagining your aura filing with orange light will help to restore balance to this area. Orange is warming, protective, and stimulates creativity.

If you work with crystal therapy or reiki healing stones, you′ll want to select an orange stone. Suitable crystals include orange calcite, peach aventurine, and even petrified wood will to the tick. Envision the protective healing of this color flowing into your sacral chakra, bringing it back into balance.


3) What is the Normal Function of the Sacral Chakra?

The normal function of the sacral chakra is to regulate your moods and inspire your creativity. Creativity also relates to any children you create, so this chakra is what keeps your sex life and your attitude towards sex healthy and balanced. The area also keeps tabs on your ability to ask without demanding and to graciously accept gifts and assistance from others. You′re able to find your way in life, and help others to find theirs.

When this chakra is functioning well, you′re joyful and content with your life in general. You know what you want, and have a plan to pursue acquiring it. You′re not reserved about asking for or receiving assistance to get your needs met. You don′t seek attention, but neither do you shy away from it. You are capable and confident, belong to a pleasant social circle, and have a healthy sex life.

I welcome all to join the sacrum method circle into 2018, welcoming all enquiries within this warm and opening space.

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