I am Nourished

Person Centred care with


Commencing Spring 2018

What are you hungry for? 

Join Georgina for sessions of serious womens soul food.

De-mistifying the working upon yourself; evoking and inviting the inner awareness and the dialogue of your life.

These one to one workshops are broken into bespoke sessions ranging from and hour to whole or half day. Each include an opening and closing circle of intention, deep self enquiry, along with restorative relaxation practice, yoga foundations and meditations. In short, it’s a feast to feed your mind, body and delving in deep to what allows your heart to break open. A container that holds you within self care teachings.

‘Alot of what we do is how we think, looking through eyes of compassion about caring for the ‘I’ with self kindness to bringing you back to a place of where your body is your home’ 

Harnessing the power of healthy inner awareness and human connection to create health.  

Let this nourishing, simple and sincere practice fill you to the brim. A pharmacy of writing, journaling and bringing awareness to how you can live a life with a grounded stable strong foundation.

Each workshop will provide a chance to reset and recharge leaving you with a sense of peace, renewed energy, and sustained feelings of well-being.

  • Recognising the other person is you
  • That there is a way through every block
  • When the time is upon you, to start with you and the pressure will be off
  • Understanding through self compassion


Each session starts with tea, sitting on a sheepskin and brings a blanket from your nest; to aid finding stillness and soaking in calm in warmth. We will consciously share in the stillness of a safe feminine space and cultivate connection together through the practice and learning of self nurture techniques, theory and into personal reflection. This time will melt away, blending with relaxation, sharing, smells of aromatherapy and take away practices of self connection and onward reflection.


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This womens space is on a one to one nurturing basis hidden away in a beautifully intimate room in the historic town of Arundel for a unique safe experience. An oasis for the mind in a peaceful setting where you can establish a new routine of self nurture practice and self love method, allowing your inner calm to surface.

Subject to limited availability

Face to Face dates and booking enquiries with Lanes Counselling

Led by
withgeorginaSelf Care Ritual and Yoga Therapist

All workshops are supported with Neals Yards Organic Health & Beauty Remedies


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