Midlife Woman – Wise Woman Awakening

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Commencing Spring 2018

As a midlife women we need to be in constant awareness of our sensual woman. The season of the  perimenopause and menopause can force a woman outside of herself. Within this six week workshop you will learn to understand the menopause mountain,  the lifestyle shift into midlife and developing ways to to lead you back into your female centre for a positive menopause transition and beyond.

Women have little time for themselves and need to be able to turn to accessible healthy practices and knowledge to ground themselves in the midst of real life transition. This abundantly nurturing workshop focuses on creative self care practice to gently guide, uplift and nurture your life through a new age and phase of the perimenopause and menopause. Believing in the power and safety of a circle of a small and intimate class of women supporting one another.

In ‘Midlife Woman’, you will invest in sound theory and gentle self care practices to reconnect a love for your body with you. This will be a six week workshop journey into midlife womens wellness, fitness and therapy. Knowledge of hormonal self care, healing and noticing what you need pay attention to midst a confusing midlife hormonal and body shift. Coming away with practices you can use again and again to fill up your internal well allowing you to be more present to your loved ones and other things in your life.


We will open each group by bringing blankets from our nests, finding stillness and soaking in calm in one anothers warmth. We will consciously share in the stillness of a safe feminine space and cultivate connection together through the practice and learning of self nurture techniques, hormonal theory and into personal reflection. This time will melt away, blending with relaxation, sharing, smells of aromatherapy and take away practices of self connection and onward reflection.

Through awareness techniques, you will discover how to nourish your body and mind, ease anxiety and improve sleep. We will gleen to the importance of the food we consume and the nutrients we require for specific midlife goals, body types and activity levels to nourish and support you through your midlife journey.

We will work to a personalised health, fitness and wellness plan to help regain balance, dismissing restrictive diets through a sustainable approach to achievable strength and skill-based goals. Creating a lifestyle that will become second nature, enhancing your mind, body and soul for the menopause long-term.

Workshop overview

  • Introduction to hormones
  • Self Screening, anxiety and hormonal checklist
  • Optimal third age health, vitality and wellness
  • Investigating Lifestyle shift
  • SMART fitness; Commitment to getting moving and how to take the first steps into programming
  • Introduction to metabolic exercise, for fat loss, bone health and weight management
  • Hormone balance and bone health
  • Pelvic & Sacral health
  • Life laundry
  • Relaxation Therapy


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This womens space will be small in number, nurturing and a group hidden away in a beautifully intimate room in the historic town of Arundel for a unique safe experience. An oasis for the mind in a peaceful setting where you can establish a new routine of self nurture practice and self love method, allowing your inner calm to surface.

Subject to limited availability (small group bookings)

Face to Face dates and booking enquiries with Lanes Counselling

Workshop led by Georgina Land – Self Care Ritual and Yoga Therapist

All workshops are supported with Neals Yards Organic Health & Beauty Remedies