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Commencing Spring 2018

The innate feminine essence of woman is an incredibly beautiful and powerful force, it is important that every woman is able to discover and awaken it within and master the authentic art of being a woman.

With this six week workshop series you will be able to clarify your intentions and develop supportive systems to feed those intentions.

This nurture workshop is intended to support a womans journey to Rooting In. In a small and intimate class where women connect weekly in an abundantly nurturing space focused to creative self care practice. To gently guide, uplift and nurture through information which complements a day to day outlook and encouragement to bringing care and attention to a life centred around self care ritual.

In rooting into the feminine whole woman, you will invest in sound theory and gentle self care practices to reconnect a love for your body with you. This will be a workshop journey into wellness, holistic fitness and therapy. Knowledge to feminine self care, healing and noticing what you need pay attention to midst a noisy life. Coming away with practices you can use again and again to fill up your internal well, allowing you to be more present to your loved ones and other things in your life.

Each week a theme will be explored, awakened and attention given to what is important to us; by bringing attention to the self.

A life filled with simple and kind pleasures with foundation.

The practice starts here with being gentle with the self and with you. Watching a self care shift taking shape. Things will come up, times will challenge; yet a strong foundation to the feminine and self care practice is the gateway to freedom and it makes our roots deep.

Every session begins with tuning in, then investigating the weeks theme that will transform and elevate self care thought and ritual whilst within a supportive womens nurture circle.

Week One

Centred and grounded, deeply rooting into what it is to be a woman. Inviting self care and creativity into life away from distractions. Making mindful space for tasks that really do improve life. Inviting daydreaming and realising nothing is out of reach, learning to bring in simple ritual.

  • Rooting In
  • Creativity and Freedom

Week Two

Giving birth to a time to soften, loving and respecting you, showing negative voices to firmly dissolve around the body. Investigating where you are soft, how to be gentle and how to find love for the compassion of self to release and receive a woman of grace. ‘Come back to your body – she is waiting for you’

  • Body
  • Beauty and Heart Centred

Week Three

Confidence, joy and intuition comes from the work we have done from softening into our body; finding the reality within you. Cultivating tranquility that is soothing, and honouring events and rituals that cultivate peace in your being.

  • Creating reality in you
  • Intuition and Relaxation

Week Four

Who are you? A loaded thought. Knowing that you don’t look in any certain way, that you can show up in many different ways.

  • Connecting with cycles
  • Nourishing the woman within you

Week Five

The call to courage, creating a home that reflects a sacred soothing space, nourished and your true self. Seeing and knowing you, feeling into your true beauty and accepting the self.

  • Nourishing Home
  • Awakening Radiance

Week Six

Nourishing all of me, carrying the gift of I have everything I need.

  • Celebrating the I am

Working with yoga, relaxation theory, intention, journaling and self nourishment ritual and investigation into the kundalini yogic teachings of:

  • Recognising the other person is you.
  • There is a way through every block
  • When the time is upon you, to start with you and the pressure will be off
  • Understanding through self compassion or you will misunderstand the time.
  • Vibrate the cosmos, and the cosmos shall clear the path.


We will open the group with tea, sitting on sheepskins, bringing blankets from our nests, finding stillness and soaking in calm in one anothers warmth. We will consciously share in the stillness of a safe feminine space and cultivate connection together through the practice and learning of self nurture techniques, theory and into personal reflection. This time will melt away, blending with relaxation, sharing, smells of aromatherapy and take away practices of self connection and onward reflection.


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This womens space will be small in number, nurturing and a group hidden away in a beautifully intimate room in the historic town of Arundel for a unique safe experience. An oasis for the mind in a peaceful setting where you can establish a new routine of self nurture practice and self love method, allowing your inner calm to surface.

Subject to limited availability (small group bookings)

Face to Face dates and booking enquiries with Lanes Counselling

Workshop led by
withgeorginaSelf Care Ritual and Yoga Therapist

All workshops are supported with Neals Yards Organic Health & Beauty Remedies
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