Relax, balance and energize yourself in my sacred nurturing environments where holistic endurance training transforms stress into creative energy and aligns the body and mind.

Working with therapies that are ancient in nature but perfect for 21st century living. Therapies that are tried and tested and designed for busy people. A practical toolkit– through yoga, sound and word, to navigate the challenging nature of a womans curve so that you can maintain your balance and integrity come what may.


Womens intensive immersion courses. After years of coaching and teaching women, I have organised my notes and am ready to share what I have gathered from my self care experiences with womens health as well as studies in love, power, sexuality, and beauty.

The workshops include teachings on health, relaxation, meditation and yoga, and conversations about love, power, sex, and beauty. All courses are great for mothers, daughters, sisters and friends.


The Right of the Womb (Monthly)

Rooting Into Feminine (6 Weeks)

Midlife Woman (6 Weeks)

I am nourished (1:1 therapy)


Being nourished by yoga, gifts a wider loving awareness that is present at all times. 

A wonderful complement to life, Kundalini Yoga is a quiet, grounding practice done primarily on the floor, with the support of blocks, blankets and sheepskins. Each posture encourages release of physical tension while the mind dives into a deeply meditative state.

Beginners welcome; each student can work comfortably at their own level regardless of flexibility, body type, or yoga experience.


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