Breath Series
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Breath Signatures

The main problem in the world is stress. It is not going to decrease, it is going to increase. If through pranayama the shock can be harnessed, the entire stress and disease can be eliminated ~ Yogi Bhajan


Mastery of the breath is a foundation for, promoting health and vitality. Opening the range and creativity of the emotions. Controlling the moods. Developing concentration and promoting the feeling of connectedness. Breath awareness begins with recognising the breath as both the gross physical breath, as well as the subtle life force of the body and mind called prana.

A Kundalini Yogi examines and breaks the habit to ignore the breath. Think of the breath in broader terms than simply respiration. Consider that the breath and its movements are connected to the movements of all ether emotions and thoughts.

The breath and the Word are in intimate relationship.They form the platform from which all things begin, and they shape the form and direction of ones life. They govern our communications and our relationships with ourselves and others. If we can consciously harness the pattern, forming abilities of the breath and sound,

The quantity, quality and circulation of the breath creates the foundation of a vital and creative life. It is a barometer of how much energy we normally run on, and how much reserve capacity we have created for emergencies. The breath is both gross and subtle.

The gross aspect is the blend of oxygen, nitrogen and other elements that chemically constitute air. The subtle aspect is the prana or vital force that energies the mind, body and consciousness.

Most people do not breath correctly. Breath signatures which create shallow, erratic, upper chest breathing are common. The lack of relaxation and wellbeing on a personal as well as collective level, along with other factors, inhibits proper breathing. Yet, of all the positive changes a person can make, learning to breathe deeply, and completely is probably the most effective for developing higher consciousness, and for increasing health, vitality and connectedness in ones life.


All movement requires tension, but stress occurs when muscular or mental tension cannot return freely to an uncorrected or relaxed state. Stress causes poor breathing, shallow, erratic, upper chest breathing with a faster breathing rate, which leads to chronic tension and weak nerves. And poor breathing increases susceptibility to more stress. This sets the scene for illness and breakdown in one or another of the body systems.


We hold a tremendous amount of tension and emotional trauma in our muscular structure in the form of armouring. Proper breathing, which changes our breath signature, allows the release of armouring. As we increase the general flexibility of the body, and expand the lungs, our sensitivity increases because the armour decreases.


Breathing correctly frees up the flow of prana, and as our armouring and tension release, our vitality is increased.

Feeling of Connection

When our vitality is increased, our prana is flowing, we feel emotionally secure, and our physical bodies are strong. A deep sense of connection results.

Breath Frequency

When we consciously lower the frequency of breaths per minute, we encourage great benefits. Normally men breath at a rate of 16/18 cycles per minute, women breath 18/20 cycles per minute.

8 Cycles per minute – Feeling more relaxed. Relief from stress and increased mental awareness. Parasympathetic nervous system begins to be influenced. Healing processes are elevated.

4 Cycles per minute – Positive shifts in mental function. Intense feelings of awareness, increased visual clarity, heightened body sensitivity. Pituitary and pineal begin to coordinate at an enhanced level, producing a mediative state.

1 Cycle per minute – 20 seconds to inhale – 20 seconds to hold – 20 seconds to exhale – Optimised cooperation between brain hemispheres. Dramatic calming of anxiety, fear and worry. Openness to feeling presence and the presence of spirit. Intuition develops.


Pranayam is the science of breath, controlling the movement of prana through the use of breath techniques.

Prana – The life force

Pran – First Unit

Ayam – Expansion

With pranayama we expand the first unit, the seed energy. A slight change in this seed vibration can change or entire universe.

A Kundalini Yogi employs a wide range of pranayama techniques, using the rhythm and depth of great to effect and manage different energy states of health, consciousness and emotion.

The mind follows great, the key to controlling the mind is controlling the breath.


The Kundalini yogi is a pran yogi, and uses pranayama and bandha (body locks) to create the state of stillness – shuniya – zero. Into this stillness, a seed (bij) is planted to create a new rhythm or pattern of being, thus the kundalini flows.

KRI Teacher Training

Kundalini as Taught by Yogi Bhajan.



  1. Hi I just read your post and absolutely loved it. I agree 100% that stress is the biggest issue ‘especially in the West’
    I’m actually also a Buddhist so Pranayama & meditation are also major parts of my everyday practice. I love your blog because it talks about real issues and let me say it’s really refreshing. At the moment I’m blogging my top 10 tips on overcoming menopausal symptoms through meditation which I’m happy to say I’ve mastered . Please keep your wonderful posts coming I love them Julie

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for such warmth and gesture of kindness within your message. I wish I could encourage far more women into the gems and gifts of meditation and appreciation of the breath, it sure is the discipline and path to nourishment. Likewise in return Julie; I love that we have connected and that you equally share a rooted love for a nurturing space for women to explore and converge. Shouldering the wheel to pass on these wonderful gems! Please do stay in touch, its a joy to receive your message – Sat Nam


      • Hi Georgina -Yes its really confusing to me why meditation and breathwork always seem to be a second option for most women yet pharmacological medicines are never questioned. As a healer of course I would never speak negatively of prescription medication, for some it’s the answer to what they need at the particular time but the side affects that follow can be devastating. As you know, Mindfulness & Meditation only have positive side effects and they work free of charge.

        Liked by 1 person

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