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Guru of Unconditional STRENGTH & STILLNESS


‘Gu’ Darkness to Ru ‘Lightness’

If the nervous system is fresh and rested, the body will be healthy and the mind alert and comprehensive. This in turn is influenced by a host of factors hereditary, diet, environment and so on.

Conversely if the system is tired or strained, perhaps because of overactivity, or the influence of poor food, then our outlook will be restricted, the mind dull, and our actions ineffective. Our lives will become shallow and unsatisfying, a magnet to all forms of negativity.

Techniques of relaxation, meditation, gentle intuned fitness and yoga are methods of purifying the nervous system so that it can reflect a greater degree of consciousness and our lives can become an increasingly positive force in the world.

Dedication to serving up self care motivation, thus the whole of the nervous system is to receive unconditional revitalisation. The body enjoys better health, more energy. The rested mind being freed from the burden of past experience, and perception is restored to its freshness.

Thought and activity must be led on a journey to be coherent and integrated, life therefore becomes more rich and fulfilling.

When you choose to serve you; by connecting and receiving yourself everyday you will be able to interpret its benefits.

Choosing rhythms that are natural and life supporting to YOU. Methods that work on the consciousness, the nervous system and body of YOU.

Leading the mind inward to the silence, stilling and validation of finding out whom YOU are.

They may differ in expression from one person to the other, yet in essence they all are one met through the loving contemplation time you have served up for you. Eventually threading into everything you do. The solution to purity of heart.

In preciseness a profound respect for self purity allows love and love leads to self devotion.

Breathe in breathe out, proceed.


A letter to the seeker of silence ..

Silence is accomplished in rich stages, seeking a panoramic view of many new paths that can be unfamiliar and uncomfortable at times. A picture that unfolds stage by stage, yet part of a greater whole; our unique one life.

It is important that we unfold, expand and open in a gradual and patient pace. Interlocking the many fluctuations of personal growth as they are unveiled.

To use yoga or fluid exercise is to settle the mind into silence, the seed to unbound stabilisation.

YOU are incredibly magnetic, you are powerful beyond measure. You are the most persuasive person you will ever talk to. Tune into your wisdom, your heart and intuition. In there you know.


Relax, balance and energize yourself in my sacred nurturing environments where holistic endurance training transforms stress into creative energy and aligns the body and mind.


Womens intensive immersion courses. After years of coaching and teaching women, I have organised my notes and am ready to share what I have gathered from my self care experiences with womens health and fitness as well as studies in love, power, sexuality, and beauty.

The workshops include teachings on health, relaxation, meditation and yoga, and conversations about love, power, sex, and feminity. All courses are great for mothers, daughters, sisters and friends.


Radiant Woman (Year Long)

Rooting Into Feminine (6 Weeks)

Midlife Woman (6 Weeks)





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