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Intention Setting

Its time to reconnect with the self and to shift away from the vibrations of fear.

There is so much written of this subject,  a potential controversy minefield.

We contain the divine; the divine presence that weaves into and through every single thing here on Earth, including us.

The qualities of masculine or Shiva energy; holding the vibration of action, initiation and power, partnered with the energy that the Moon reflects holding a feminine vibration, that of Shakti, containing qualities such as receptivity, emotion and intuition. It is clear that such a balance exists in all of nature, and it is beautiful.

Such interdependency can swing drastically out of balance and the divine feminine aspect can begin her decline into virtual disempowerment. The feminine energetic qualities such as receptivity, openness and nurturing, along with healing, renewal, interconnectedness, intuition and wisdom, plus many more can loose their personal potency. With time, the divine masculine can loose its feminine counterpart.

The way in which we do this is to embrace those divine feminine qualities which have been neglected for so long: to be receptive, open, inclusive and cooperative and importantly to anchor those aspects into our lives, so that we can create from here what can become a new paradigm.

It is important to clarify how discussions on these themes are not intended at all to be discussions of gender.  Both men and women contain masculine and feminine energies.

It means going deep inside of ourselves, facing our shadows, even going far, far back into our histories to discover the roots of our fears.  If we can re-visit those times and remember why we needed to protect ourselves by shunning our feminine qualities for so long, we will be able to properly heal.  When we displace our own fear, and are no longer affected by it, we will cease to even allow the possibility of any more.  Then we will be able to create from a place of true empowerment and not from a fearful, protective reaction.

Perhaps the biggest and most difficult shift of all, is to move from an attitude of self–reliance and defence, and the feeling that we are ‘going it alone’, to trusting in the support and protection of the Universe, Source, the Divine … whatever you wish to call It’s presence.

This will come with shifts in our perception, and through personal experience.  As more and more people wake up to the fact that we are creating our realities through our consciousness, so the enormous importance of mastering our minds and opening our hearts, to create from there, will grow too.  But the shift needs to happen for each and every one of us, within.

So Divine Feminine consciousness isn’t something that is happening ‘outside’ of us, it isn’t something you have to go and find, or be taught.  It is in each of us, and is working through each of us.  Our task is to listen to it.

And if you are reading this blog, and it is resonating with you, there’s a good chance that you are already tuning in – you are one of the Divine Feminine torchbearers!  You have chosen the assignment of manifesting this energy into the world, to encourage and enhance it’s rise for others.


Sat Nam ♥  – With Gratitude to the Moon School for this topical opening.

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