Awakened Chakras
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Shakti Power

Call to the Divine Mother, because the Mother is nearer than the Father

~ Paramahansa yogananda

In the East, the great feminine has always been held in high esteem, not as a secondary source of power but as the primal power; the shakti that flows through our body and all of nature.

In numerous texts on yoga, meditation and Eastern mysticism, we find references to different types of shakti Power – The great feminine energy that exists both within and without our bodies.

As a force in the universe, shakti powers everything, from the planets in their orbit to the radiant power of the sun. Wether referring to the power behind gravity or the power of behind the speed of light, shakti its the term used to describe the operating power of the cosmos, from the smallest atom to the grandest galaxy. Any kind of force, power or influence has its genesis in shakti, and shakti is feminine in nature.

In us, shakti is described in innumerable mystical texts as a serpent like power cell coiled three times, sitting at the base of the spine. This atomic like power cell furnishes the energy we use for both conscious and subconscious functioning. The housecleaning our bodies perform while we sleep is powered by the shakti that energizes the sympathetic, parasympathetic and autonomous nervous systems to send instructions to the lymphatic system, the pituitary gland and a host of other places in our slumbering forms. Whether it is blood circulating in the veins and arteries, a nerve impulse jumping a synaptic gap in the brain, our body straining while running, or the working out of physics or organic chemistry problem, our shakti provides the energy to accomplish the activity. Since many of these functions go in all the time behind our consciousness, we don’t think about them. But aware of it or not, shakti is the power behind them all.

Throughout many lives, the higher spiritual purposes of this great power begins to manifest. The shakti sitting at the spines base will eventually unfold itself and send its essence, energy up the spine to the top of the head. Along the way, it activates the chakras in certain mystical ways, and pierces successive veils of ignorance in the form of knots (called grants in Sanskrit) that are strategically placed along the spine to protect us. No matter who we are or what our station in life, the adepts who see such things report that the knots are in the same place in every person.

Finally, over the flow of successive lives, as the energy reaches the top of the head, we will have exhausted every kind of karma in every realm and become completely liberated.

Different spiritual texts describe different kinds or classifications of Shakti power:

Para Shakti :: is the supreme force that exists through the entire manifest universe.

Jnana Shakti :: Is the power of the intellect, of real wisdom. The essential attributes of the mind, the self aware mind, recollecting events and activities through the faculty of memory and richness of understanding.

Iccha Shakti :: The power of will, the making of decisions and then sticking to them. Energy of thought, energy of transmission, energy of action.

Kroya Shakti :: The mysterious power of manifestation. Through this power, acting with Jnana, art and music is created. The source of manifestation in the subtle body.

Other methods :: Hatha Yoga, practiced under leadership of a qualified teacher will produce conditions in the body where kundalini activity will occur.

Music :: is powerful in producing states resulting from kundalini activity.

Karma :: In western psychological models there is no way to explain the causality of karmic events other than by random chance. In eastern philosophy, the cause of all things is placed in our Karma, that something can not come from nothing.

The various yogas :: Nana, Bhakti, Raja, Karma, Kriya, Laya as well as Hatha can all produce states conducive to shakti activity. An advanced spiritual teacher can awaken our kundalini. Very occasionally, our past good karma will manifest as a shakti experience of one type or another. Mantra is an easy way to systematically awaken and harness the great feminine shakti that sits waiting to be invoked and invited in the centre of our lives.

Woman is the embodiment of God’s creative power, Shakti. Woman embodies the feminine aspect of God, through which He created the creation. That Primal Power is called Adi Shakti, and has been worshipped for centuries in the form of various goddesses. Every woman has that divine goddess power in her own being, waiting to be recognized. Kundalini power is Shakti power.

What will you do?

Here poses the question of all :: What will you do once you have finally fulfilled your desires? Will you then pursue other energies and desires? What will you do if you discover you have real power? What effects do you want to leave behind, both within and without?

Whilst we all are each individuals we are also one. That which binds us together is the energy of love. It seems the importance question then becomes :: How can you achieve a state of love other than by loving? There is but only one suggestion, leave everything to the divine, last and always. If you have some real power or have it given to you, dedicate its use to the serving of others. Put forth your best effort and leave the rest to the divine.

You can make honest mistakes while trying to serve with complete sincerity and be spared the karmic return of such mistakes. Sincerity is the shield against karmic return from mistake. Such is the compassion of the Shakti. Even if our mistakes cause the necessity of some kind of karmic return, even if the mistakes are great and the negative result great, sometimes the great ones will take the effects upon themselves.

There is nothing wrong with making changes in life for the better. You are entitled to all the good energy you can bring to yourself, your family, your friends and your community. In the process, help to make the ultimate manifestation of your shakti restorative; on a foundation of Divine Love. It is our common human destiny. So make a decision to affirm your own nature as one of Divine Love using the mantra ::

Aham Prema ~ I am divine love

She who empowers all, in every realm, will surely respond.

Cite – Shakti Mantras – Thomas Ashley Farrand

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